Our firm was recently contacted by one Mr. Griffin Dilwyn, supposedly with Med-Equip Healthcare Limited. This scam targeting attorneys uses real names of people and businesses in an attempt to add the appearance of legitimacy. The scam is also likely tailored to the geographical area of the targeted attorney.

First Scam Email

Counselor at law,

We Request your firm’s legal advice and guidance concerning a legal matter, for our company against our client in your jurisdiction, for acting contrary to our
agreement on a loan dispute, kindly confirm what you need, if you wish to take up our case.


The first scam email included several attachments. These attachments appeared to be signed by one Mr. Eric R. Slusser, one Mr. Raymond S. Troubh, one Mr. Braith Steffan and one Mr. Griffin Dilwyn.

Second Scam Email

How are you today? We would like to Thank you for your response to our inquiry for legal services.However,We wish to inform you that we would be needing your firms legal help to assist us with a breach of loan issues and also retrieve funds owed to our company.The Borrower (Gentiva Health Services, Inc.) is a company we have known for 4 years and have made several supplies to in the past, without any issues. They requested a loan from our company on March 4 2011 for their office facilities in your state, the loan given was an unsecured loan due to the past relationship we have had on business dealings. the amount loaned was $875,985.49, they have paid only $459,930.00 ( which includes 6 months interest rate) out of the total sum given and the balance is still outstanding till date we are in contact with the Principal Financial and Accounting Officer who is also the Executive Vice President of Gentiva Health Services Mr. Eric R. Slusser in the United State. Promises made for our outstanding balance has not been kept and We have made several previous attempts to collect these funds which all ended negatively., we believe bringing law suit to their doorstep will serve as a catalyst to make them remit our funds if need be, We look forward to your prompt response to our email, as the said funds owed to us has caused a strain on our company’s operational capital.

See Gentiva Health Services, Inc. address for your conflict check: 2626 East 82nd Street Bloomington, MN 55425-1300

In this email you will find attached all documents backing our loan for your perusal.We are prepared to pay a reasonable retainer fee for this service as soon as our board gets to review the terms of your engagement letter.So please have that sent to my attention via email, a written retainer agreement is the best way to ensure that our rights are protected, We expect this to be a pre-litigation case, but we are prepared for a formal lawsuit to be filed. If Gentiva Health Services, Inc. fails to comply, Below are a few question we would like to know before we retain your firm.

•How many years of experience do you have in this specialty and how have you handled similar disputes in the past?, •Who will be working on our case?, •What type of fee arrangement is required by you? Are the fees negotiable?, •What other expenses will there be besides your fee and how are they calculated?, •How long will it take before our case is resolved?, •How will you keep us updated on the progress of our case?, •Have you represented any special-interest groups, such as nursing homes or senior citizen groups?, •What will our tasks and responsibilities are?

If you have any further questions, email me or call the office during business hours.


Griffin Dilwyn
Senior Manager.
Have you been contacted by Mr. Griffin Dilwyn or received a similar email? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments section below.