Prescription Drugs and Pregnancy

Most women are aware of the need to monitor drugs, alcohol, and even their diet while pregnant. Whatever they ingest could affect the development of the baby. But, what about prescription drugs? Most women assume their doctor knows whether a prescription is safe to take during pregnancy and will warn her if not. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Dangers of Taking Some Pharmaceutical Drugs Pregnancy

There are some drug manufacturers that have worked hard to conceal the dangers of taking their pharmaceuticals during pregnancy. As a result, thousands of babies have been injured. Take for example antidepressants. While SSRIs such as Prozac have been a miracle for women suffering depression, they also create risks for fetuses. Thousands of women have taken SSRIs during pregnancy without ever knowing about the potential risks. Women jeopardized the health if their children by their own ignorance of the risks. They remained ignorant because their doctors were also unaware of the risks; the only people with knowledge of the dangers were the manufacturers and they hid the truth.

When to Contact a Lawyer

If you suffered an injury during pregnancy due to the undisclosed risks of a prescription drug, you should consider contacting a malpractice lawyer.