Continuing Obligations of the Registration Law

A person must continue to update his or her assigned corrections agent or the law enforcement authority with which he or she currently is registered of changes in primary address and other information required to be provided. This notice must be provided at least five days before the person starts living at the new address.

If the person will be living in a new state and that state has a registration requirement, he or she must also give written notice of the new address to the designated registration agency in the new state.

A person who is required to register because of working or attending school in Minnesota must register with the law enforcement authority that has jurisdiction in the area where the person works or attends school. This registration must occur within five days of beginning employment or school. The person must provide the address of the school or the location where he or she is employed.

A person who is required to register in Minnesota who works or attends school outside of Minnesota must register in the state where he or she works or attends school. Minn. Stat. § 243.166, subd. 3.

The corrections agent or law enforcement authority must require a level III offender to appear at least every six months to be photographed, except during any period where the person to be photographed is incarcerated or receiving treatment in a secure treatment facility. The agent or authority may also require any other person who is required to register to appear for a photograph. The agent or agency must forward the photograph to the BCA. Minn. Stat. §243.166, subd. 4.

CREDIT: The content of this and any related posts has been copied or adopted from the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department’s Information Brief, Sex Offenders and Predatory Offenders: Minnesota Criminal and Civil Regulatory Laws, written by Legislative Analyst Jeffrey Diebel.

This post is also part of a series of posts on Minnesota Criminal and Civil Regulatory Laws Regarding Sex Offenders and Predatory Offenders.