In this video, Minnesota attorney Aaron Hall describes the situations in which one may want to have a will.


Minnesota clients often ask me, do I need a will? The short answer is this, do you have kids and want to designate who will be their guardian? If not, you may not need a will, but if you do you need a will. Do you have assets and you want to designate who those would go to? If you’re not comfortable with the default will in Minnesota statutes and you want to designate yourself where your property would go, then you would need a will. Also if you wanted to give any money to charity you would need a will because that’s not part of the default will in Minnesota statutes. In general, single individuals without much assets don’t worry much about getting a will. They feel more comfortable with the fact that their assets, what little assets they have, would generally be distributed to their loved ones, their relatives. But if you want assets to go to a non-relative, to a charity or you want to control who would be the guardian of your children, then it would be important to get a will.