This article is a section taken from Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA), a part of the revisions and additions to the Minnesota Health Care Program Eligibility Policy Manual.

EMA Financial Eligibility

This subchapter provides financial policy information that applies to Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA). This includes eligibility factors that involve a person’s income or assets.

A person must meet the financial eligibility requirements for their Medical Assistance (MA) basis of eligibility at application and renewal. However, sponsor deeming does not apply to EMA.

People who are not eligible for EMA because they are over the income limit for their basis of eligibility and who have medical expenses may be eligible for EMA with a spenddown.

This subchapter includes links to the MA-ABD and MA-FCA financial eligibility policies. Also included is a link to the TEFRA option for children who have a disability and household income above the income limit.

MA-FCA Financial Eligibility

MA-ABD Financial Eligibility

MA under the TEFRA Option

CREDIT: The content of this post has been copied or adopted from the Minnesota Healthcare Programs Eligibility Policy Manual, originally published by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

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