Item 2: Business Experience

Item 2 of the amended Franchise Rule is substantially similar to Item 2 of the UFOC Guidelines. It requires disclosure of the business experience of certain individuals – including directors and principal officers, among others – for the last five years. A longer period is acceptable if the prior experience is directly relevant to the franchises being offered for sale. There are, however, important differences between the amended Rule Item 2 and Item 2 of the UFOC Guidelines. First, franchisors need not disclose information about the business experience of any broker that may be involved in sales of its franchises. Second, in addition to disclosing the business background of directors and principal officers, franchisors must disclose the business experience of any individuals – even if they do not have a formal title – who have management responsibility relating to the sale or operation of franchises offered by the disclosure document. It does not matter whether the individuals with management responsibility are employed by the franchisor, an affiliate, or by a parent company. As long as the individual actively manages the sale of franchises or the operation of franchises, that individual’s business experience should be noted in the Item 2 disclosure. This does not mean that franchisors must disclose all managers. Rather, sales and operations managers, regardless of whether they have a formal title, should be disclosed if their involvement in either sales or operations is such that a prospective franchisee would rely on their expertise, formulation of policy, or control of the system in making an investment decision.