Here are some outstanding resources for renters (informally referred to as “renters”) and attorneys representing tenants against landlords in Minnesota.

Let’s face it, landlords often have the advantage because they select the lease they require of tenants. For example, I regularly represent landlords.

However, tenants have some strong law on their side. These resources are vital for tenants, landlords, and their attorneys.

You Can Use Free Legal Guides for Renters / Tenants

Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis posted an online guide with statutes and cases applicable to landlord-tenant disputes: Eviction Defense Manual.

For example, this section includes the laws related to nonpayment of rent and defenses available to tenants. In it, I found helpful case law relevant to a landlord’s duty to comply with the city building code and breach of the covenants of habitability.

Another valuable resource is Housing Law in Minnesota: Residential Eviction Defense in Minnesota, and Other Housing Law Materials, by Lawrence R. McDonough.

You Might Qualify for Free Attorney Help for Renters

If you are a tenant, your first stop should be HOME Line, a nonprofit Minnesota tenant advocacy organization. This organization has staff and volunteer attorneys available to answer questions and provide general direction when dealing with rental legal issues.

You Can Hire a Residential Housing Attorney

While occasionally I represent landlords and tenants in residential disputes, I encourage tenants to first contact HOME Line. I tend to handle larger disputes. For smaller disputes, I can recommend an attorney who has reasonable rates. Feel free to contact me for a referral.

You Can Hire a Business Lease Attorney

I regularly represent business owners in a variety of legal matters including commercial lease disputes. If you wondering if your situation qualifies, you are welcome to contact me.