Some people find themselves in a situation where they cannot pay their IRS tax debt. For example, a taxpayer may owe taxes but cannot pay because the taxpayer has little money compared to the taxpayer’s debts.

If the IRS is convinced that the IRS will probably not recover the amount owed, the IRS may make the taxpayer an offer to pay a reduced amount in a short period of time. This offer is called an “Offer in Compromise.”

An Offer in Compromise is subject to IRS regulations. Taxpayers who are evaluating an Offer in Compromise may be benefited by understanding these IRS regulations. Taxpayers may also benefit from knowing strategies for negotiating an Offer in Compromise.

A tax attorney can help taxpayers who are dealing with IRS debt or an Offer in Compromise. However, those with tax debt often cannot afford to hire a tax attorney. Fortunately, there are some good resources online for taxpayers who want to handle their Offer in Compromise without the assistance of a tax attorney.

An article to provide some general help with an Offer in Compromise.

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