Recently, our firm has received several emails from someone claiming to be with the Japanese law firm Hashimoto Law Office. Hashimoto Law Office warns on their website that an impostor has been using their name.

From the Hashimoto Law Firm website:

! An Important Notice for all Lawyer Firms in the United States !

Recently there have been incidences of fraud and of business obstruction carried out by impostors using the name of our law firm, Hashimoto Toru. In the cases that have come to our attention, the impostors have claimed to represent Hashimoto Toru and tried to solicit business via e-mail using our URL (

Our office does not solicit business by sending out actual mail nor by e-mail. Please consider any claims made to the contrary to be suspect and treat them accordingly.

Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

The first email received was from Kaito Souta with a email address:

I am Kaito Souta Esq the owner and CEO of Hahimoto Law Office a law firm here in Japan our website:

I urgently have a collection matter for you in your jurisdiction reply me to discuses this further because of the time difference between Asia and America we prefer communication via email

A second email from someone claiming to be Toru Hashimoto from the same email address:

Thanks for your quick responds, our client is Ishizuka Electronics Corp and their debtor information is below the debt owe $650,000.00 see attachment document for your review.


Radio Shack

2480 Fairview Avenue North

Roseville, MN 55113

Please advice us on your retainer fees for collection and send us retainer agreement, we shall signed the agreement and forward it back to you with the retainer fee, look forward hearing from you


Toru Hashimoto

Upon investigation, it was determined this was not a legitimate purchase order from Radio Shack. In fact, the entire communication is a fraud and a scam targeting lawyers.

Falsified Ishizuka Electronics Corp Invoice

RadioShack Falsified Purchase Order