A person whose driver’s license has been revoked for an implied consent violation or DWI conviction may apply for a limited license to drive:

  • to and from a job, or for a job;
  • to chemical dependency treatment;
  • to provide for the educational, medical, or nutritional needs of the family; and/or
  • for attendance at a postsecondary educational institution.

However, the law requires a waiting period (i.e., hard revocation) before a suspended or revoked driver may apply for a limited license. The waiting period is:

  • 15 days for a first-time implied consent or DWI violator;
  • 90 days for a second-time or subsequent violator who complied with the AC test;
  • 180 days for a second or subsequent-time violator who refused the test;
  • one year for a person revoked for manslaughter or criminal vehicular homicide;
  • if under the age of 18, for twice the applicable period above, with a minimum of 90 days;
  • for twice the applicable period above, if person’s AC was .20 or more at the time of violation; and
  • an additional 60 days, if the license withdrawal involved use of the vehicle in commission of a felony crime or an injury accident involving failure to stop and disclose identity.

For the most part, a limited driver’s license may not be issued to a driver whose license is cancelled and denied for a third or more DWI violation. However, Minnesota law authorizes DPS to issue a limited license to a person whose driver’s license is revoked or cancelled if the person qualifies for participation in an ignition interlock program. (Contact DPS Office of Traffic Safety for more information.)

CREDIT: The content of this post has been copied or adopted from An Overview of Minnesota’s DWI Laws, originally published by the Minnesota House of Representatives Research Department and written by legislative analysts Jim Cleary and Rebecca Pirius.

This is also part of a series of posts on Minnesota’s DWI Laws.


  1. I have second violation with no ins.on my vehicle.can i get a work permit? where to apply? I also need to know if they less the suspension on the license by paying a higher fine.I know my truck driving job is gone now.but need to insure a new job.

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