This subchapter provides non-financial policy information that applies to Medical Assistance for people receiving services at the Center for Victims of Torture (MA-CVT). Non-financial eligibility requirements are not related to a person’s income or assets.

MA-CVT Immigration Status

People receiving services at the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), who are not otherwise eligible for Medical Assistance (MA), may be eligible for MA-CVT regardless of their date of entry into the United States, including undocumented people. Verification of citizenship or immigration status is not required for MA-CVT.

MA-CVT Social Security Number

Undocumented people and nonimmigrants are not required to provide SSNs for Medical Assistance Center for Victims of Torture (MA-CVT). Verification of a Social Security number is not required for undocumented and nonimmigrant MA-CVT applicants and enrollees.

This subchapter includes the policies above that apply to MA-CVT and links to policies that apply to all MA programs and all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP).

Topics covered in this subchapter are:

MA-CVT Bases of Eligibility

MA County Residency

MA Living Arrangement

MHCP State Residency