This article is a section taken from Medical Assistance (MA) a part of the revisions and additions to the Minnesota Health Care Program Eligibility Policy Manual.

Medical Assistance Northstar Adoption Assistance Health Care Delivery

Medical Assistance Northstar Adoption Assistance enrollees must follow guidelines for receiving medically necessary services. There are guidelines for benefit sets, managed care plans, cost-sharing, and out-of-state services. See the Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Health Care Delivery policy for more information.

Children who receive Northstar Adoption Assistance receive MA on a fee for service basis. They are excluded from managed care enrollment; however, they may enroll voluntarily in managed care.

Minnesota retains responsibility for non-Title IV-E adoption assistance children who move to a state that does not have full reciprocity under ICAMA. See the MHCP Interstate Residency Agreements policy for more information. As a result, a child who receives non-Title IV-E Adoption Assistance and moves to another state may remain eligible for Minnesota MA. Minnesota supplements the child’s health care benefits if the new state’s MA program does not include all Minnesota MA benefits.

Fee for Service

Fee-for-service is a method of payment where the medical provider bills MHCP for specific, individual services. Enrollees must use a medical provider enrolled with MHCP, except in special circumstances. A directory of enrolled providers is available online.

Covered Services

The MHCP Summary of Coverage, Cost Sharing, and Limits (DHS-3860) explains covered services.

Legal Citations

Minnesota Statute 256B

CREDIT: The content of this post has been copied or adopted from the Minnesota Healthcare Programs Eligibility Policy Manual, originally published by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

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