Meth Manufacturing

Manufacturing methamphetamine, in any amount, with or without intent to sell, is a first-degree controlled substance crime, punishable by a 30-year prison term or a $1 million fine, or both. If the person convicted has a previous controlled substance conviction, the penalty is at least four and up to 40 years’ imprisonment and an optional fine of up to $1 million. Minn. Stat. § 152.021. The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines recommend an 86-month sentence for a person with no criminal history who is convicted of a first-degree controlled substance offense.

In addition to the criminal penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine, a person convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine may be ordered to pay restitution to any public entities that participated in an emergency response to the crime and to any individual property owners that incurred cleanup costs because of the crime. Minn. Stat. § 152.0275, subd. 1 (see Other Requirements and Liabilities).

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