Choosing a daycare professional can be a difficult decision. It is hard for many parents to trust a stranger to care for their children. If a parent later discovers that the daycare has abused, mistreated, or neglected their child, it can be very traumatic. Parents may feel guilt about entrusting their child to the daycare and anger over the treatment of their child. If your child has been the victim of daycare abuse or neglect, you may wish to contact a lawyer.

Daycare Negligence Claims

There are many claims that can arise out of a daycare’s treatment of your child. If your son or daughter has special dietary or medical needs, the failure to attend to those needs may be negligent. It is also important for daycare providers to make sure they provide safe facilities. If your child is injured by a dangerous condition at the daycare, you may have a claim. Sometimes daycare providers fail to appropriately screen or train employees, which can also result in claims. It is not acceptable for daycare providers to use any sort of physical discipline with children. You might have a claim for assault if your child was spanked, slapped, or in any other way abused by a daycare provider. It is also not unheard of for daycare providers to have too many children and not enough staff to provide appropriate care. If your child has been neglected and has developed problems, you may have a claim.

Contact an Attorney

If your child has been mistreated, abused, injured, or neglected by a daycare provider, consider contacting an attorney. I can help you investigate whether you have a claim and can help you pursue your claims.