I have assisted a number of nonprofit organizations from other states who want to have a branch, division, or office in Minnesota. Often, these are 501(c)(3) organizations. The following information outlines the steps required to operate in Minnesota as a nonprofit organization from another state.

Minnesota Secretary of State Registration

Minnesota law requires any business or organization operating in Minnesota to file a Certificate of Authority to Transact Business in Minnesota with the Minnesota Secretary of State. The Minnesota Secretary of State provides helpful instructions and links to the forms.

Minnesota Attorney General Reporting

Nonprofit organizations with significant fundraising or operations in Minnesota are required to file an initial report and annual report with the Minnesota Attorney General. The Minnesota Attorney General provides helpful instructions and links to the forms.

Sales Tax Exemption Application with Minnesota Department of Revenue

If your organization would like to avoid paying sales tax when making purchases in Minnesota, it can file a Certificate of Exemption (form ST3) with the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

A Guide for Minnesota Nonprofit Board Members

Your Board of Directors may find helpful this Guide to Minnesota Nonprofit Organization Board of Directors Duties.