If you are wondering whether your injuries are serious enough to sue, they probably are not. For example, a cut, bruise, or minor flesh wound that heals after a few days is in the category of very minor injuries. At the other extreme are serious injuries such as permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, and injuries that seriously interfere with your occupation or life for an extended period of time. The difficult category is injuries that are more significant than very minor inflictions but less significant than the serious injuries.

Due to the cost of lawsuits, Minnesota personal injury lawyers who represent people who have been injured in accidents, are willing to accept a case on a contingency fee basis (you don’t pay attorneys’ fees unless you win or settle and receive money) if it is a serious injury. However, I have never met a Minnesota personal injury attorney who would represent a client with a very minor injury. Of course, that leaves a wide variety of medium injuries in the middle. Usually, a quick phone call or consultation with a Minnesota personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether your particular accident or injury is worthy of a lawsuit.

Of course, a Minnesota personal injury lawyer will need to consider more than the seriousness of your injury. The attorney will need to consider many legal concepts and doctrines, such as whether someone else’s negligence actually contributed were caused by your injury. Also relevant is whether you were negligent and who was more negligent – you or the other party?