Representation of the Accounting Industry

The accounting industry includes accounting and tax professionals along with the companies that support them.

Accounting and tax professionals may include Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), bookkeepers, tax preparers, attorneys, and auditors. These accounting professionals are supported by a wide variety of software, payroll, HR, and CRM companies.

Accounting Legal Issues

Accounting professionals encounter a variety of legal issues including contracts with clients, collecting money owed by clients, complex tax questions, HR legal issues, and state and federal regulations regarding accountants, tax preparers, and related professionals.

The accounting industry also faces general business legal issues including forming a business, registering a trademark, copyrighting advertising and website copy, establishing an employee handbook, formalizing company policies and procedures, and similar business services.

Accounting Industry Legal Experience

Our firm has experience serving a variety of clients in the accounting industry including CPA firms and their clients dealing with claims of accounting malpractice, negligence, fraud, and errors.

Aaron has helped clients minimize risk, solve legal problems, and resolve complex legal issues.

We are happy to use this experience to partner with new clients in the accounting industry.