Put Clients First

We understand choosing the right law firm is important to your company’s success. You deserve a lawyer experienced and professional, and who values you as a person and not a case number.

Our clients come first. When you meet with Aaron (which can be done by phone), Aaron will listen to your concerns, analyze your circumstances, explain your legal rights and options, and work with you on a customized solution based on your goals.

Putting clients first means understanding each client’s concerns, crafting a customized plan for each client, communicating frequently with clients, and ensuring that each client’s legal strategy directly aligns with that client’s unique goals. Unlike some law firms, we believe that a close partnership with each client produces the best results.


As experienced legal professionals, Aaron is well versed in Minnesota law and their attorney credentials are testament to their legal competence. Aaron’s work has resulted in significant media coverage, speaking engagements, and being published in legal publications.

However, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. Rather, Aaron focuses on being exceptional in his or her specific practice areas. Aaron has significant experience and a track record of leadership in his or her service area.

Ensure Top Quality

When the stakes are high, and what matters most to you is on the line, sloppy legal work can have significant problems. Aaron puts a premium on intellectual precision and exceptional professionalism.

Aaron avoids fan-fair and glamour often seen in the legal profession. Instead, Aaron’s focus is on productivity, value, aligning with your company’s goals, and a serious business focus. We understand that superior quality and professionalism brings success to our clients.

Be “Hands On”

Aaron takes a “hands on” approach to your legal matters. Your goals are paramount to customizing the legal advice and legal strategy for your unique situation.

We place a premium on building lasting relationships with our clients. We have that goal in mind when we develop effective strategies and cost-effective solutions to help our clients achieve success. We not only help our clients with the challenges they bring to us today, we also advise clients how they can effectively plan for the future by minimizing risks.