Position Opening: Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Before you apply, we invite you to read below to evaluate whether our firm is the right fit for you.

Our Law Firm Was Founded on a Shared Belief

We believed legal expertise is best used to empower others. It’s time for a change in the way the law supports people—in life and in business: time to put minds to work and egos to rest. Time to restore the faith people have lost from self-serving counsel.

Time to provide actionable knowledge to support people in achieving their goals, immediate and long term. From our non-traditional style to the collaborative nature in which we share our expertise, we believe it’s time for clients to have a legal partner who uses expertise to empower others.

A Different Kind of Law Firm

You probably noticed, our firm is not your typical law firm. At traditional law firms, people come to work for a variety of reasons. At our firm, we share the same purpose.

At traditional law firms, negative behavior is often tolerated when the offender is producing results. At our firm, our core values come before money.

We believe one way to make each day the best it can be is to work alongside teammates who share

  1. our purpose for working and,
  2. the core values that guide how we make decisions, support each other, and serve clients.

Our Purpose

We believe legal expertise is best used to empower others—not ourselves. Our purpose for existing is to use our resources to serve and empower others.

Other firms have other values. They have different definitions of success. Fame, wealth, power, and competition come to mind.

Some approach life with a Taker’s mentality—get, accumulate, and consume. Others have a Giver’s mentality—serve, help, defend, and empower. At our firm, our focus is on giving our best every day—to our team and the clients we serve.

We see ourselves as fiduciaries of the resources entrusted us, serving others as good stewards of those resources. We enjoy serving alongside teammates who are committed to serving. For this reason, our firm is not the right fit for many people. Put another way, if you get a deep satisfaction from serving others, you will enjoy serving others at our firm.

At our firm, success is defined by how much we contribute to those around us. We celebrate empowering others. We innovate new ways to serve clients more effectively. Working alongside professionals who are here for the same reasons creates an inspiring synergy around our shared purpose.

Our Core Values

Our core values are our deepest beliefs. They impact daily decisions, relationships, strategy, hiring, and promotions. One purpose of core values is to repel people who do not share them, helping our team avoid the wrong team members. We are open and honest with you about who we are, so you can determine whether this is the right environment for you.

These are our core values:

  • Integrity – Do what is right regardless of the cost
  • Excellence – Give our best effort in every undertaking
  • Innovation – Always improve (if you see it, you own it)
  • Trusted Advisor – Earn trust by exceeding expectations
  • Serving – Put others before yourself

Our Culture (Why People Enjoy Working Here)

The mission-driven culture in a prior law firm I founded was covered in the Star Tribune. Our core values have created a unique, positive culture. However, our firm’s culture is not for everyone. In fact, after reading the paragraph below, over half of the candidates who apply for a position at our firm decide our firm is not the right fit. The right candidates love that they can work on a team dedicated to living these values daily.

You will want to consider whether our firm’s approach to work conflicts with how you operate:

  • Integrity: Are you hardwired to do what is right, even if you must sacrifice money and opportunity? You being happy here will depend on whether you share our absolute commitment to integrity.
  • Excellence: Do you have a strong pride in your work, even when nobody will see it? Our high expectations for excellence will be a problem for those who do not bring their best effort to work. Likewise, we share a strong work ethic and the grit to persist through challenges. We expect everyone to bring their best to work every day.
  • Innovation: Do you operate best when your environment is unchanging and consistent? That is not us. We are continually working to improve how we work, resulting in changes in how we operate. Are you comfortable with uncertainty and change? Innovation requires change. In this way, we are very different from traditional law firms.
  • Trusted Advisor: Do you work to serve others, putting their interests first? This is important to us. Each member of our team is expected to help others achieve their goals even when we must subordinate our interests.
  • Serving: Do you like to serve others? If you don’t like to serve and empower others, you won’t like it here. Do others consider you positive and encouraging, always giving to help those around you? Each person at our firm is expected to be there for each other, support co-workers, and help make each person’s life better.

Strategic Alignment

We are transparent about our culture so you can identify whether you share our values. We understand that strong teams must have (1) shared values and (2) diverse strengths to maximize effectiveness for clients and ensure each team member loves what they do. Finding a career you love requires finding an environment that aligns with your values and a position that aligns with your strengths.