As free service to the public, we have begun to compile a database of contract templates for use by the general public. We recognize that contracts and agreements are vital to many small businesses; and that many of these small businesses cannot justify the expense of hiring an attorney to review the documents. However, to these many small businesses it is still exceedingly important that they protect themselves and their businesses in these transactions.

As such, these contract templates are meant to provide small businesses the basic contracts they will encounter and need in conducting their operations from a partner in business they can trust. These contracts are geared toward providing favorable terms for a business owner. We recognize that every transaction is different, and have tailored the templates to give the users options in creating the final format.

Simply choose between the terms, which appear in red, that best suit your needs to complete the contract.

Terms that appear in blue may or may not apply to your particular transaction. These terms may be excluded completely or made a part of the contract at your discretion.

Terms that appear in green are suggestions and informed instructions. Green terms will sometimes guide you between choices, often whole articles where the title is marked in red, designated with an “-Or-”. These green terms should be deleted once the contract is complete.

Finally, underlined blanked spaces should be filled in accordingly. These contracts may also be altered in any way beyond the colored terms.

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