Attorney Jeff Molever founded The Molever Law Firm on October 22, 1996. In 2016, Jeff Molever brought his practice to JUX Law Firm. Jeff Molever has children and grandchildren in California, where he eventually moved to be closer to family. Jeff Molever’s last day in JUX Law Firm was December 20, 2017.

Do you need your client files for an estate plan drafted by Jeff Molever? Mr. Molever maintains all of his client files. To obtain copies, you may contact Jeff Molever at his California law practice or mail a request to his home address: Jeff Molever, 293 Loch Lomond Road, Rancho Mirage, California 92270.

Do you need support for your trust or estate plan? I would be happy to refer you to an estate planning attorney who is familiar with Jeff Molever’s estate planning documents (trust, will, etc.) and located closer to your city. You can contact me, mention that you need a referral to someone closer to your city, and I will help you find a more convenient attorney to assist you.

Do you have other questions? For more help, visit this FAQ for estate planning clients of JUX Law Firm and The Molever Law Firm.