There are perhaps few things business owners dislike more than taxes. Our clients call us for two reasons related to taxes:

  1. they want to pay less through tax planning, or
  2. they are in trouble for allegedly not paying enough taxes.

Our firm represent business owners and their companies in IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue audits including sales and use tax, income tax, payroll tax, and related issues.

We speak the same language as the tax auditors. We know what they want and how to provide it to them. We speak on behalf of our clients to minimize our clients’ misstatements or mistakes. Finally, we advocate on behalf of our clients and negotiate compromises for them.

Tax Services

Excise Tax

Excise taxes are taxes paid on the purchase of specific types of goods. Excise taxes are most often used on products that are considered harmful or undesirable, in an attempt to prevent or reduce their use. The most common excise taxes are placed on motor vehicle fuel, cigarettes and tobacco products, and alcoholic products.

Payroll Tax

Payroll tax is a tax that is paid by an employer according to what is being paid to their employees. This tax is both federal and state and it is responsible for paying income tax as well as Social Security and Medicare.


Self-employment tax applies to anyone who is self-employed and operating a business as a sole proprietorship, contractor, a limited liability company that is not being treated as a corporation, or as a member of a partnership. If you fit under these specifications, you are responsible for filing an annual tax return and paying estimated quarterly taxes.

Business Tax

Minimizing taxes through selecting the correct business entity type, filing complicated tax forms and securing your business’s rights during an audit are all tasks an experienced tax law attorney can help your business with.

Income Tax

The Federal government, as well as some state and local governments, apply an income tax to individuals and corporations. The income tax rate that is applied depends on the amount of the person or entity takes in.

Sales Tax

Generally, there is a 6.875% sales tax imposed on the gross receipts from retail sales that are made in the state of Minnesota. However, there are many exemptions from sales tax that are different in Minnesota than in other states.

Use Tax

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