Have you been hurt by a foreclosure rescue scam? Was a loved one injured because of a dangerous product? Has your insurance company failed to pay your valid claim for insurance benefits?

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to representing clients who are overwhelmed with complex consumer law disputes. Whether you have been a victim of debt collection harassment or are facing wrongful foreclosure due to improper mortgage services you need representation that can secure your financial future and protect your rights immediately.

We believe consumers need to be educated about consumer fraud, and need to stand up for their rights whether by pursuing an individual or class action claim when the facts warrant pursuing such an action. We also believe consumers should be compensated for injury caused by defective or deceptive products. Every year thousands of consumers are ripped off for billions of dollars by unscrupulous companies and businesses.

Current trend in Minnesota Consumer Fraud

Minnesota courts have often said, in the past, that the purpose of consumer protection laws is to rectify an imbalance of power between consumers and sellers in an attempt to prevent the powerful from coercing the weak. However, the Minnesota Supreme Court has recently held that, because the attorney general only prosecutes cases for the “public benefit,” any private action brought under the private attorney general statute must also carry a “public benefit” aspect.1 Therefore, there is less of a focus on equitable and restorative remedies, and more of a focus on public policy. If the fraudulent practices affect only a small group of people, or a corporation, rather than a natural person, a Minnesota court will be less likely to consider it viable as a private cause of action. MN courts have been much more willing to offer a positive judgment in class actions or multiple plaintiff suits.2

Protecting Your Rights

Legislators have passed laws designed to protect consumers like you from predatory lenders, overzealous debt collectors, careless credit bureaus and other harmful business practices. We work to enforce existing consumer protection statutes to resolve consumer problems with:

  • Unfair collection practices Unfair Debt Collection Practices
  • Unwanted telemarketing calls, text messages and e-mails and junk faxes
  • Identity theft
  • Credit reporting problems
  • Debt collection harassment
  • Car repossession

We provide debt collection defense against payday and other high-interest lenders and predatory mortgage companies, and also assist clients with tenant rights issues, with wage and hour claims and with consumer class action lawsuits.

Companies who profit from taking advantage of innocent consumers deserve to be held accountable for their actions. Don’t let embarrassment prevent you from seeking justice. It’s likely you were not the only consumer who was harmed.

Consumer Law Services

Deceptive Trade Practices

The UDTPA lists trade practices that considered deceptive. This Act is specific to Minnesota and every other state has similar statutes.

False and Deceptive Advertising

False advertising can be used to deceptively influence the audience into believing something that is not true. There are ways advertisers can defend against ads that are intentionally untrue. Learn more about unfair and deceptive trade laws in Minnesota.

Consumer Fraud Act

The Minnesota Consumer Fraud Act is meant to protect consumers from deceit by producers. The Act is very broad covering may different situations.

Environmental Protection

The Legislature has declared in statute that each person in Minnesota has a right to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of air, water, land and other natural resources, and that each person also has the responsibility to contribute to the protection, preservation and enhancement of those resources.

Identity Theft

In 1999, Minnesota first enacted legislation specifically targeted at the burgeoning crime of identity theft. As identity theft has become more prevalent and sophisticated, the legislature has augmented various provisions intended to advance the prosecution of these offenses, aid identity theft victims, and prevent identity theft.

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