Competing for market share is a tough proposition in today’s business environment. A company needs strong ideas to provide a successful product or service, and of course the capital to back it up – but in today’s market, that’s not enough. A business must also stand out, offering something different that no one else can provide. A company’s unique difference might exist in the form of an invention, a business process, a product design, a catchy slogan, a written manual, a product name, or even a customer list.

Dedicated Legal Service for Minnesota Clients

We have experience in registering and enforcing copyrights both domestically and abroad. Our dedicated staff is trained on electronically filing copyright applications and depositing works with the United States Copyright Office.

We have experience in handling a wide range of copyright issues including negotiating contracts on behalf of authors, software licensing, and the like. We are experienced in dealing with publishing companies, and we know how to handle visual artist rights. Aaron can help to enforce your copyrights.

We understand the importance of your copyrights, and that is why we are dedicated to make your copyrighted works untouchable.

What does copyright protect?

The Copyright Act of 1976 protects creative expression: literary, dramatic, and musical works; pantomimes and dance; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; audio-visual works; sound recordings; and architectural works. Essentially, any original “expression” is eligible for copyright protection as soon as it is fixed in a tangible form.

In many respects, copyrights are the most flexible form of intellectual property protection, covering works from books and music to computer programs and product labels. For that reason, copyright law is often misunderstood and misapplied, creating problems both for the owner of the copyright and the party who may have infringed on it. We can help you understand the ins and outs of copyright protection, so you can decide when and how to apply it – and when and how to defend it.

Attorney Services

Our firm can provide counseling and a legal framework for copyright transactions, including acquisition and protection of copyrighted material, negotiating and drafting agreements covering the development, transfer and licensing of copyrighted works, preparing and prosecuting applications for copyright registration, and counseling on enforcement and licensing.

It is important for both you and your attorney to keep the proprietary information about your idea confidential and we agree to do so. We will disclose your information only to those persons necessary for the purpose of providing our services to you. Our reputation and licenses to practice law depend on it.

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