Domain name sales involving large purchase prices often involves domain name attorneys and/or a domain name escrow service.

As an escrow agent, JUX Law Firm is authorized to receive and hold domain names and funds in escrow as part of the domain name sale process.

What is a Domain Name Escrow Service?

When you are ready to buy a domain name for your business, one concern is that you receive the domain name before the seller leaves with the funds.

An escrow service allows the seller to put the domain name in escrow and the buyer to put the funds in escrow. Once both are received, both are released.

This way, the buyer knows that he or she is getting the domain name, and the seller knows he or she is getting paid. This helps to prevent fraud.

How Do I Use a Domain Name Escrow Service?

Using a domain escrow service is easy.

  1. The domain buyer or seller contacts a domain escrow agent, such as JUX Law Firm to set up an account.
  2. The buyer and seller review the terms for the purchase of the domain and come to an agreement.
  3. The buyer gives the funds to JUX Law Firm for safe keeping until the transaction is complete. Likewise, the seller provides the JUX Law Firm with the authorization code to permit access to the domain.
  4. Once everyone is happy with the product and purchase price, JUX Law Firm transfers the funds to the seller and the domain name to the buyer, completing the transaction.

Why Should Domain Name Buyers and Sellers Use an Escrow Service?

Buying online is risky, especially when large amounts of money are involved.

Domain name scams are not uncommon. For example, one of the most notorious domain name scams involved the theft of

How do you know the person to whom you are talking owns the domain or can deliver the product? How do you protect yourself against fraud, misrepresentation or identity theft? A third party escrow agent, such as JUX Law Firm, can reduce the chances of you being victimized.

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