When disputes arise between employers and employees lawsuits often appear imminent. However, by determining the claims of both sides and trying to find a solution that avoids lawsuits, mediation can go a long way to solve the problems . A mediator or arbitrator may be helpful as an unbiased, outside source that can assess the arguments of both sides and attempt to find common ground that would be beneficial to both sides. If both sides are able to agree on terms, a settlement can be created to include them. While this process may seem long and inconvenient, it will be a lot less expensive and time consuming as a drawn out lawsuit.

It may be helpful for your attorney to contact the opposing party and tell that party you have potential claims against him or her. It may be helpful to tell the opposing party you insist upon compensation for your losses, but you are willing to listen if they would like to propose a settlement. Sometimes it may be strategically beneficial to file the lawsuit from the beginning. Throughout the litigation process parties are permitted to explore the option of settlement through mediation. Most courts require parties to attend mediation before trial, in hopes that the parties will reach a resolution and prevent the unnecessary extra expense of trial and trial preparation.

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