Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to the traditional adversarial process, which is often contentious and expensive. Collaborative Divorce is sometimes called “Collaborative Law” or “Collaborative Practice.” Need a divorce attorney now? Go straight to the Minnesota collaborative divorce attorney directory.

Why should you consider collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to the traditional approach to divorce, often saving money and minimizing conflict. Collaborative divorce involves agreeing to rules that help the spouses resolve their issues outside of the courtroom.

Do you encourage collaborative divorce for everyone?

No. We generally encourage couples to consider using a collaborative divorce attorney in cases where there is no abuse and the spouses are seeking to minimize costs in an amicable divorce.

Where there is abuse, collaborative divorce may still be the best option, but the abused spouse and his/her attorney will need to consider how to address the abuser’s attempts to control and influence the abused spouse.

How is the focus of collaborative divorce different?

Attorneys who practice collaborative divorce agree to focus on resolving conflict through settlement instead of conflict in courtroom litigation.

How does collaborative divorce align attorney incentives?

In collaborative divorce, each spouse has their own attorneys. The attorneys enter into an agreement with their clients that they will withdraw from representation if the divorce becomes litigious. This way, the attorneys have a self-interest in seeking resolution.

In traditional divorce representation, attorneys are paid by the hour, so they naturally have a self-interest in more hourly work, which often increases with every fight between the couple.

In addition to aligning attorneys’ interests towards resolution, collaborative divorce involves a process for sharing information and avoiding many pitfalls that are common in a litigious approach.

Who are collaborative divorce attorneys in Minnesota?

Here is a list of collaborative divorce attorneys in Minnesota. Learn more from the Collaborative Divorce FAQ.