Seeking Asylum in Minnesota

Asylum in Minnesota, sometimes called political asylum or religious asylum, is a request to the United States government to remain in the United States because you would face persecution for political opinions or religious beliefs in your country if you are forced to return.

Asylum – A Defense to Deportation or Removal

Once removed or deported from the country, you must wait at least 10 years before the United States will allow you to return with a new visa. If you have received a Notice to Appear for removal matters, it is important to have a Minnesota asylum attorney who can explain and protect your rights. A Minnesota asylum attorney can help clients understand the deportation/removal proceedings and fight to stay in the country.

Experienced Minnesota Asylum Attorney

Seeking asylum in Minnesota is not an easy matter. The standard for proving the need for asylum is high. People who are considering using asylum as a defense to deportation and removal proceedings are encouraged to be represented by an experienced Minnesota asylum attorney.

If you or someone you know is seeking asylum, contact us to speak with an experienced Minnesota asylum lawyer.

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