Are you facing deportation or removal in Minnesota? An experienced Minnesota immigration attorney—a legal professional who knows the system—can fight for you. With a Minnesota deportation and removal attorney on your side, you can mount a full defense of your right to remain in the United States.

Minnesota Deportation & Removal Overview

Removal, commonly known as deportation, is the proceeding in which the government forces individuals to leave the country. You may be deported for many reasons, such as:

  • Overstaying a visitor’s visa or nonimmigrant visa
  • Illegally entering the United States
  • Committing a crime or simply being charged for a crime

Minnesota Deportation & Removal Attorneys

As experienced immigration law attorneys, we can help you understand the removal/deportation process and help you evaluate defenses or alternatives to leaving the country. We have the immigration experience to actively represent you in deportation/removal matters. If needed, we also partner with criminal defense attorneys experienced to defend you against any charges you are facing.

Defenses and Alternatives to Deportation & Removal in Minnesota

  • Removal Cancellation: We can work to defend you against criminal charges and challenge any negative evidence against you. We can fight to get the case against you dismissed so that the deportation/removal proceeding is canceled.
  • Status Adjustment: We will determine whether it is possible to adjust your status or to change your status from a visitor to a legal permanent resident so that you will not be deported/removed.
  • Asylum Request: If you have been here for less than one year, we can request asylum. You must prove that you would be persecuted if you returned to your home country, such as for race, religion, affiliation, gender, or other). If asylum is granted, you will be able to stay in the United States. Contact a Minnesota asylum attorney.
  • Voluntary Departure: You have a right to leave the country voluntarily. If there is no possible way to stop deportation/removal, you can buy a ticket and choose to leave on your own. This may be preferred over being shipped to a detention center until deportation. In addition, if you leave voluntarily, you may be able to return before ten years have passed.

We have successfully represented many clients. We are available to help clients through deportation matters. To start your defense of deportation/removal, call to speak with a Minnesota deportation attorney.

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