For most companies, trademark infringement is a serious injury to the business. A company’s intellectual property represents its reputation to its customer base and the market place at large. The law requires owners of intellectual property to enforce their rights or lose them. Often called policing their mark, the enforcement of your trademark rights is essential to preserving the value of your trademark.

When trademark infringement occurs, acting quickly to send a cease and desist letter, and taking subsequent legal action, will preserve the value of your trademark and minimize the harm caused by the infringement.

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Trademark Enforcement

Trademark enforcement involves a number of methods including a cease and desist letter, an injunction, a lawsuit for damages, and other creative or public relations strategies.

If your trademark is being infringed, a trademark attorney can explain to you your obligations under the law to police your mark, enforce your intellectual property rights, and preserve the value of your trademark under Minnesota and federal law.

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