Aaron is experienced in the sale, purchase, merger, and acquisition of websites. We have represented large and small website owners including e-commerce companies, affiliates, and more.

Provisions in the Website Transfer Agreement

The purchase or sale of a website involves a number of considerations. When you buy or sell a website, the transaction includes the transfer of

  • the domain name
  • the content, which is often in a MySQL or similar database
  • the content’s copyright, which requires a copyright transfer provision
  • the code, which may require a software license transfer or copyright transfer
  • the images, which are copyrighted and require a copyright or license transfer

If the website buyer doesn’t get any of these items, the buyer may face serious problems. Thus, a the website transfer agreement should provide for all aspects of the website transfer.

Website Owner’s Representations

Generally, the sale of a website is based on certain financial information. For example, the website owner might provide reports showing revenue generated by the website. These reports are often a significant factor for the website buyer, and if they are false or misleading, the website buyer should have rights under the contract to get some or all of the money back.

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