Why would you want attorneys to do strategic planning?

Strategic planning often entails significant legal considerations involving organizational structure, compensation, roles and duties of key people, legal rights, and options. Many clients choose us for strategic planning because they prefer to have the value of both a strategic planning facilitator and attorney present in the room, without paying for two people.

We don’t do strategic planning for niches like marketing, sales, and product development. We focus on big, company-wide planning. Attorney Aaron hall who does strategic planning is trained in facilitating strategic discussions, resolving differences and disputes among leaders, and helping the team create an action plan to hold each other accountable for the execution of strategy.

Many of our clients say the greatest value we provide as their legal counsel is strategic planning and monthly follow-up calls. In these calls, we talk through complex issues that arise, to keep momentum in the execution of their team’s strategy.

We are not just a team of legal technicians. We are trusted advisors helping leaders achieve your goals. We use our legal and strategic tools to empower you towards your success.