Our law firm recently received emails from one Rich Robertson that are part of a scam targeting attorneys. The scam involves requesting that a “mediator in the collection” of a debt supposedly owed by one Eric Muller.

The purpose of providing this information is to help other attorneys avoid being victims (lawyers searching for Rich Robertson or Eric Muller in Google will be able to find this page).

Attorney Scam Email 1

Hello Counsel,

I am inquiring about the possibility of your firm representing me in
the litigation of a loan matter.

Debtor: Eric Muller

Amount: $288,000.00

Amount Paid:$80,000

Balance $208,000.00 plus 7.75% annual interest.

If you or your firm can be of any assistance, please get back to me at
your earliest convenience so I can send you related documents.
Yours Truely,

Attorney Scam Email 2

Dear Aaron Hall,
Thank you so much for your respond to my email,
Mr Muller Lives in Minnesota, his full names are Mr Eric Muller ,His email address is ericmuller@contractor.net

Please look into my agreement and see how best you can help. We agreed under this Agreement for a 48 time cash payment of $288,000.00. To his credit, he has paid me $80,000.00 but still owing $208,000.00 plus 7.75% annual interest.

I want you to act as my mediator in the collection of this payment from Eric Muller. I require your services to represent me in connection with any matter with the resolution of the payment expressed in the agreement reached.
Eric Muller has been avoiding me ,He has refused all entreaties for repaying the loan.I have just advised him of my intention on retaining your firm.

Find attached copies of my agreement for your review. Please send me your Engagement letter so that we may proceed.



Attorney Scam Email 3 – Supposedly from the Opposing Party (Eric Muller)

Hello Sir,
Mr Rich Robertson of the GB FINANCE AND LOAN FIRM,UK.informed me that you/your firm is holding brief on his behalf for the recovery of the said loan.
I am sorry things have gone this way ,Business have been so dull i do not intend to default ,i am ready for an out of court settlement .I plead for your leniency and understanding,
As of now I am in far away QATAR on a business trip I have discussed extensively with my finance advisor he said we can make payment from one of our offshore account.I have instruct him to prepare and send a part payment through your firm to RICH ROBERTSON.He will be in contact with you soon to discuss the mode of payment.

Please express my sincere apology to Mr Rich Robertson for the delay in repaying the loan.

I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Eric Muller