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Surviving Divorce Court in Minnesota

Minnesota Divorce Court

Divorce attorneys understand that you are going through one of the most difficult times in your life and recognize that the best divorce attorney is more than a legal actor. A successful divorce attorney seeks to understand your particular goals, be sensitive to unique circumstances, and takes care of the legal pain, so you can focus on other important areas of your life.

Getting through a Minnesota Divorce

Some divorces are painstaking and some are pain-free. Some divorces are filled with anger and resentment and some are the friendly termination of a relationship. Regardless of the emotional drive or response to a divorce, the legal aspects must be decided. Some people do not contest the divorce, and some do. Each person’s divorce is different and each type of divorce deserves careful attention from an attorney. Your divorce deserves careful attention by an attorney to ensure you do not get the raw end of the deal. You are the one who knows what you want out of your divorce and a lawyer can put into action a plan to achieve your goals.

You Decide Your Goals | Your Divorce Attorney Implements a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

A divorce attorney will listen to your goals, your priorities, and your views on the family and the potential outcomes, and put in place a plan to help you achieve these goals throughout the entire case. In many divorces, there will be questions related to child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and the division of assets. It is important that you have the guidance of a professional through all of these aspects of divorce.

Contested Divorces

Contested divorces are generally more contentious than uncontested divorces. You need an attorney not only to represent your interests but to listen to what those interests are. You need an attorney to file the proper documents and respond to the documents filed by your spouse. You need an attorney to gather information and complete the discovery process on your behalf. You need an attorney to represent you through settlement or trial. Often times, temporary child custody or support orders are necessary early on, before the merits of the case are able to be decided. A divorce attorney can gather information for you, predict your spouse’s strategy, and work to obtain the best result for you based on what you want.

Uncontested Divorces

Uncontested divorces are obviously less contentious. Often times the parties can agree on how things should be – for example, who should have the children and when, how to divide the property, whether one side should pay child support or spousal maintenance. Sometimes that means a person doesn’t need a lawyer, but not always. Often times one side hires an attorney to draft the divorce petition, marital termination agreement, and divorce decree. The other side may, however, want his or her own attorney to review these documents to make sure there isn’t anything harmful, confusing, misleading, or hidden in the documents. Regardless of which side you may be on, attorneys can be necessary in uncontested divorces, but they will also be less expensive than they would be in a contested divorce.

Peace of Mind

Divorce attorneys can help you find peace of mind. You will know at the end of your divorce that you achieved the best result you could, that you were not kept in the dark or fumbling around without really understanding the legal process and your options. You will know that you stood up for yourself, whether your divorce was amicable or contentious. And through the entire process, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone else, your attorney, is making sure nothing slips through the cracks or happens without you noticing, so you can do your best to continue with the rest of your life, your responsibilities, and your routine.