If you’re running EOS® (the Entrepreneur’s Operating System) in your business, you have experienced firsthand how beneficial it can be to your company’s growth. Like all learning tools and systems, to really gain strong traction, the challenge lies in supporting your team on the ground level with the day-to-day execution and implementation of EOS  principles. Even though your team may welcome the changes EOS brings and adopts the system, the secret to success is really the consistency and commitment to delegate accordingly.

Running EOS well can hyper-speed growth by creating alignment across the organization and harnessing the force of a team running in the same direction. In our experience as an EOS run company, the difference between success and failure with deployment comes down to a strong ongoing commitment to delegation within the system. When a mindset shift occurs and the Leadership team starts to think of the support as a multiplier for growth, the ROI is endless.

Below are a few of our favorite ways that you can merge the power of delegation with the structure of EOS for endless results.

Have your support team run and document your L10s

Often an objective eye can keep the meeting on pace, on time, and well-documented. Have them own the transfer and tasking of any to-dos coming out of the L10s and IDS lists each week.  

Create one place to manage your delegations

EOS calls this “The Stack”, and the goal is to only touch it once. If it isn’t owned or needs to be completed fully by you, move it to the Stack.  In some cases, if the item is more conceptual, try using a Strategic Coach Impact Filter. This tool provides context to your support team member to execute the end result more clearly.

Deploy frequent but quick meetings with your support team

During this efficient meeting, run through items in the Stack, answer any questions, and communicate on any key issues. Communication is the key to all successful delegation. Any time you can provide context to the ultimate end result, the more successful the delegation by your team.

Handoff Weekly Scorecard metrics collection

As you establish metrics for your scorecard, work with your support team to put a process together for each metric that is both delegatable and automated. Task the support team with ensuring that the metrics are kept current each week, and let your team focus on OWNING the progress of their accountable metrics rather than the responsibility of collecting them.

Run the EOS Delegate and Elevate exercise quarterly

Delegate everything that falls in the bottom two quadrants. If you’re still at a loss for what to delegate: Review our cheat sheet of sample tasks you can easily hand off to your support team.

Learn more

At Delegate Solutions, we are delegation experts, and that’s why, as an EOS run company, we also understand the intricacies of EOS and understand how you can make the day to day management of EOS delegatable.

Download the webinar “So You’re Not Getting Traction? How to Dig Deeper Into Your EOS Journey” to learn how you can effectively delegate the day-to-day aspects of EOS to more quickly delve deeper with your EOS deployment.

By Emily Morgan; President & Founder of Delegate Solutions