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Are My Injuries Serious Enough to Sue? | Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney

If you are wondering whether your injuries are serious enough to sue, they probably are not. For example, a cut, bruise, or minor flesh wound that heals after a few days is in the category of very minor injuries. At the other extreme are serious injuries such as permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, and injuries that […]

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How to Form a Minnesota LLC without an Attorney

If you want to start a small business, you can form a new LLC (limited liability company) in Minnesota without hiring an attorney. You will save the expense of attorney’s fees, but you also will not have the counsel of a business attorney and will have some other risks. The risks are explained at the […]

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Minnesota Noncompete Agreement FAQ

As a Minnesota business attorney, I am often asked questions related to Minnesota noncompete agreements. Below I explain an overview of Minnesota noncompete law and answer common questions. For related topics, visit nonsolicitation agreements and confidentiality agreements. Overview of Minnesota Noncompete Law A noncompete agreement may go by many names: non-compete clause (NCC), covenant not to compete (CNC), […]

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Limiting Fiduciary Duties in Minnesota Small Businesses

Minnesota business owners in a partnership may desire to limit the fiduciary duties they owe each other. They may ask their lawyer to draft a partnership agreement providing limitations on their duty to disclose to each other. They may also ask their lawyer to include a provision allowing the partners to compete with the partnership. […]

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Trademark & PPC Keywords, The Debate Over Adwords Advertising

The Minnesota Federal District Court is currently hearing arguments regarding whether a company can use Google AdWords to place ads on a SERP (search engine results page) when someone searches for a competitor’s name. In 2005, one court ruled that Google could permit competitors of GEICO insurance to target people who search for “GEICO,” but […]

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IRS Tax Debt and an Offer in Compromise

Some people find themselves in a situation where they cannot pay their IRS tax debt. For example, a taxpayer may owe taxes but cannot pay because the taxpayer has little money compared to the taxpayer’s debts. If the IRS is convinced that the IRS will probably not recover the amount owed, the IRS may make […]

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