The following questions and answers regarding bankruptcy law in Minnesota are provided for people in Minnesota who are considering filing for bankruptcy. For advice specific to your situation, you should consult with a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer.

Will creditors stop harassing me if I file for bankruptcy?

Yes. Once creditors are notified of your bankruptcy, they cannot seek collection from you. All collection efforts against you must cease. Any claims for debts that you owe must be directed to the bankruptcy trustee.

Will the fact that I have filed for bankruptcy be known by my friends, family, and coworkers?

A bankruptcy is a public record. However, most people do not review public bankruptcy filings. Normally, the only way that someone filed for bankruptcy is if someone tells them. Of course, the bankruptcies of celebrities or other people in the media may be worthy of news reports.

When will I be able to get a credit card or mortgage again?

Immediately. There are lending institutions that will offer credit cards and mortgages to you immediately after filing for bankruptcy. But these institutions generally have higher interest rates and other requirements to ensure you repay your new debts. You will not be able to get a federally backed mortgage for one year after filing for bankruptcy.

How much does bankruptcy cost in Minnesota?

The attorney’s fee and filing fee depends on the type of bankruptcy. We offer a very competitive flat fee. For most people, the attorney’s fees for filing for bankruptcy are well under $3,000. In your initial consultation, we can analyze your situation, explain your options, and provide you will a flat fee so you know the exact cost of your bankruptcy.

Can I keep my house in Minnesota after filing for bankruptcy?

Yes. As long as you keep making your mortgage payments, you can keep your house.

Should I give money to friends and family before filing for bankruptcy?

No. This is considered fraud and the bankruptcy trustee can take back any illegal gifts you made to friends or family in preparation for filing for bankruptcy.

What is the best way to determine whether I qualify for a bankruptcy in Minnesota?

Schedule a consultation with a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney.