In this video, you get answers to these questions:

  • What should you know before hiring a contingency fee lawyer?
  • What are important considerations when hiring a contingency fee lawyer?
  • What is a contingency fee agreement?
  • What other options do you have when paying an attorney?
  • What practice areas are more likely to work on a contingency fee agreement?
  • Why should you be cautious about entering into a contingency fee agreement?

Before you hire an attorney on a contingency fee basis, make sure you understand the risks to you and how to protect your rights. This article provides some considerations to protect your interests.

Learn which areas of law generally involve contingency fees and what you should consider before hiring a contingency fee lawyer.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee is a payment to an attorney that is only owed if the attorney wins money for you.

Why are contingency fees frustrating to clients and lawyers?

Contingency fees can be frustrating to either the client or the attorney. Often, one of them gets a bad deal:

  • If a case settles quickly or recovers a lot of money, a client may feel frustrated that the attorney was paid more than the attorney deserved.
  • If a case goes longer than expected or recovers little money, the attorney may be frustrated by how much effort was invested for such a low fee.

In other words, contingency fees are rarely accurate: Either the attorney or client gets shorted. Attorneys understand this risk, so they are selective in the cases they take, improving their odds. Still, clients paying a large fee to an attorney may feel frustrated.

Are contingency fees available for all legal areas?

No. Some people think contingency fees are available for any legal area. Their impression of attorneys is shaped by attorney TV commercials with slogans like

  • no win, no fee,
  • we don’t get paid unless we win, or
  • you don’t pay unless we win.

The truth is, contingency fees are only available for a few areas of law, which happen to be presented frequently on TV.

Often contingency fees are available for:

  • Car accidents, boat accidents, work accidents, and other personal injuries
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations against creditors for harassing debtors
  • Defective products that cause injuries

Sometimes contingency fees are available for:

  • Employment law and hourly wage issues
  • Collection of large debts

Rarely are contingency fees available for:

  • Real estate
  • Business litigation

Never are contingency fees available for:

  • Criminal defense (DUI, traffic, drug, and other charges)
  • Adoption
  • Immigration
  • Divorce and similar family law issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Drafting a contract, will, trust, or other legal documents
  • Starting a business
  • Registering a trademark, copyright, or patent

Why don’t all lawyers use contingency fees?

Lawyers often dislike contingency fees for a number of reasons:

  1. There is a risk the lawyer will get paid nothing.
  2. There is a risk the firm will get paid too much and the client may be frustrated by that.
  3. The lawyer’s fees are delayed until collected from the opposing party.

For these reasons, many attorneys avoid contingency fee work.

How do lawyers decide whether to accept contingency fees?

Here are some of the factors lawyers consider when determining whether to accept a case on a contingency fee basis.

The lawyers who frequently accept contingency fee cases

  1. often practice in an area where contingency fees are common (see the list above),
  2. often represent people without resources to pay by the hour; and
  3. carefully select cases to ensure they won’t lose.

That last factor is a big one. A lawyer will accept contingency fee cases where the lawyer is likely to be paid well. Lawyers can’t stay in business if they accept a bunch of weak cases.

What is a typical percentage for contingency fees?

In general, contingency fee percentages range from 33% to 40%, depending on the amount the client could potentially win, the strength of the case, and other factors. I have seen contingency fees as high as 50% (for small cases) and 15% (for very large cases).

  • Typical: 33% (one third) to 40%
  • Highest I have Seen: 50%
  • Lowest I have Seen: 15%

What is a fair percentage for contingency fees?

A fair percentage depends on the circumstances and risk involved. It is based on a number of factors.

One factor affecting contingency fees is the amount of out-of-pocket expenses the firm will need to cover the case. These include mediation fees, court reporter fees, transcript fees, expert witness fees, filing fees, etc. Although the client may ultimately be responsible for these expenses, the firm may not ever recover them, resulting in losses of both time and money if the case does not result in enough money.

Under Minnesota law, the factors to be considered in determining the reasonableness of a fee include the following:

  1. the time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly;
  2. the likelihood, if apparent to the client, that the acceptance of the particular employment will preclude other employment by the lawyer;
  3. the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services;
  4. the amount involved and the results obtained;
  5. the time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances;
  6. the nature and length of the professional relationship with the client; and
  7. the experience, reputation, and ability of the lawyer or lawyers performing the services.

In other words, since every case is different, these factors will need to be applied to the individual facts and circumstances of your case.

Why might you want to avoid contingency fees?

Normally, people who hire a lawyer on contingency do not have the option of paying the lawyer’s hourly rates because they simply can’t afford them. To seek justice, they must accept a contingency fee arrangement.

If you are hiring a lawyer on contingency, keep in mind that the lawyer is first concerned about ensuring the lawyer benefits from the deal. In general, lawyers are far more experienced with contingency fees than clients, so lawyers know better how to calculate contingency fees so the lawyer is not disadvantaged.

Experienced attorneys do not take contingency fee cases if it is a bad deal for them. For example, attorneys routinely reject being paid on contingency for small financial cases, complex cases, and time-consuming cases. However, attorneys routinely accept contingency fee cases that have the potential to win a lot of money, are simple, and will not take much time.

Conclusion: contingency fees are often unfair

Attorneys who are selective about the contingency fee cases they accept will succeed financially. Attorneys who take small or difficult cases on contingency may struggle financially. As a result, people may feel frustrated because their lawyer makes a lot of money from little work, or people feel frustrated because no lawyer will take their case.

In conclusion, contingency fees are generally a very inaccurate (some would say “unfair”) way to pay attorneys, but since people may not have the funds to pay usual attorney rates, our justice system permits the use of contingency fees. Only in rare circumstances will our firm take a case on a contingency basis.

Video Transcript

What should you know before hiring a contingency fee lawyer? I’m Aaron Hall, an attorney in Minnesota representing business owners in the Twin Cities area. Today I’m going to talk to you about important considerations before hiring a contingency fee attorney.

First and foremost, keep in mind that this is an agreement between you and the attorney regarding how much the attorney’s going to get paid. And so as you might imagine, there’s no better expert on this agreement than the attorney. The attorney is looking out for herself or himself first and foremost. They’re not necessarily trying to make sure that it’s a really good deal for you. They need to make sure they’re going to get paid. And a contingency fee agreement is especially crucial because the attorney might not get paid anything.

Here’s how a contingency fee agreement works. You’ve heard the commercials. “If I don’t get pay…” Or, “If you don’t make money, I don’t get paid,” what lawyers will say. In other words, the lawyer getting paid is contingent on you getting money. That seems like a really good deal for you. In other words, you don’t have to pay the attorney by the hour. You don’t have to pay some sort of fixed fee. The only way the attorney gets paid is by getting a cut of the proceeds the attorney wins. What could be wrong with that? It seems like your interest is directly aligned with the attorney.

Let’s look at it this way. If the attorney is getting 40% of whatever the attorney recovers, wouldn’t the attorney want to get the most possible? Not necessarily. And here’s the catch. Attorneys need to get paid for the time they put in. So let’s say you’re an attorney and I tell you, “You can earn $5,000 for a 100 hours of work or $6,000 for 200 hours of work.” Which would you rather do? Well, of course you’d rather get paid 5,000 for a 100 hours of work.

Let’s use a simpler example. Let’s say an attorney is hired to represent you because you got in a car accident and, after putting in three hours of time, the insurance company offers $10,000 to you. Well, the attorney thinks to him or herself, “Hey, if I’m getting a third of $10,000 after just a few hours of time, that’s pretty good money. Do I really want to spend another 50 or a 100 hours litigating this? And maybe I wouldn’t get any money.” So as you can see, attorneys who work on contingency, have a personal incentive to settle early and get settlements quickly before they put in way too much time on something.

People have come to me and said, “I hired an attorney on a contingency fee basis and I don’t think that attorney ever intended to go to trial. The attorney sent a couple letters threatening and when the other side didn’t settle or make a counter-offer, the attorney withdrew from representation.” Now generally that’s permissible. But I understand it’s very frustrating. So what other options do you have? Well, attorneys are paid in a number of different ways. Hourly is one way or a fixed fee is another option. But many times people just say, “You know what? I don’t have the money to pay an attorney by the hour or some sort of fixed fee. And so that’s why certain attorneys, especially in certain practice areas, are more likely to work on a contingency fee arrangement.

Contingency fees are often seen in these practice areas: accidents like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injury, class action lawsuits. You may see a contingency fee there or a fee approved by the court on an hourly basis. But it’s often typically the people who are the parties in the case, the clients, are not having to pay out of pocket for attorney’s fees. There are number of other areas where you might see this, as well. Malpractice might be one of those. Here’s areas where you rarely, if ever, see it. You’re not going to see when one in bankruptcy. You won’t see one in family law, like a divorce. You won’t see contingency fee in criminal law.

Think about it. If the attorney wins in criminal law so that you don’t go to jail, what is the attorney getting a cut of? Nothing. I mean, by winning, you won some freedom. You didn’t have to go to prison, but you didn’t win money. So attorneys typically are going to be getting attorney’s fees or contingency fees when you’re suing for money. It’s pretty clear some money is owed. And maybe there’s even an insurance company, so there’s some guarantee that there is a way to collect money on this. And so the
big question is how much money is owed? You often don’t see contingency fee agreements in business disputes or general civil litigation, because there may be counterclaims going back and forth. And so there’s just too much opportunity to not get paid.

So the really high level, the reason to be cautious about an attorney’s fee, that’s based on a contingency, you may be paying a lot more than you would if you got paid by the hour. Think about it. The attorneys are only going to do a contingency fee if they believe it’s in their best interest to do that. So I’d be cautious about that before entering into a contingency fee agreement.

To find out more tips and pitfalls and considerations before entering into a contingency fee agreement, contact or visit my website at There’s a URL in the description below. And for similar videos like this, you can subscribe to this channel or subscribe to our email list.

I’m Aaron Hall, an attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota, generally representing business owners. Feel free to look in the description below to find out related information.


  1. I had back surgery Jan, 2011. Surgery went great no more back ace. My surgion told me not to exercise or lift any thing heavey or do any work for 3 months. On the day of my release a theropy nurse gave me a bunch of exercises to do saying i needed to do these to strengthen my back. Since then my back is worse than before the opporation. My surgion asked why i did the exercises and i said that i thought he had told them to give me these exercises to do to which he replied that he had not given anyone permision to give me exercises. My back was great for 2-3 weeks after opporation,but now is totally bad after doing the exercises. My surgion says there is nothing more he can do for me. Do you think i have a case, and if so do you know of a contingency lawer in my erea that might take my case as i am a senior and do not have the money to pursew the case. I live Kelowna, B.C.
    Thank you. I would sure appreciate a responce. Eric Graf.

  2. Eric:

    I would suggest searching in Google for a “medical malpractice attorney Kelowna” to find someone who can analyze your case.


  3. LA County Sheriff’s deputies racially profiled, assaulted tazed and punch me while pursuing a 19year old robbery suspect as the police dispatch will show. Both kicked me while only one punch me in left eye. Was not showing no resistance. Tazed twice, I’m 46 years of age.

  4. The IBM company made me fail a $2,6 million fund raise
    because of what their engenner in chief said to the investment bank during a crucial conference call.
    I have all the material (written and audio recorded evidence) to prove it.
    Do you think this case could be qualified for a contengency fee basis lawsuit ?

    Thank you

  5. I was working for Minneapolis Public School Transportation. I were charged with 1st degree sexual assault, when i found out that I’ve been charged i turned myself in to the authority. I spent 5/12 months in Hennipen county jail for mebe aquieted Febuary 21st 2012 in 45 minutes and then discharged 5 months May 8th 2012. How can i find a lawyer that would take my case on an contingency

  6. Dewayne, I do not know any attorney who will take a criminal defense case on contingency. The main problem is that if you win, what would the attorney be paid? Normally, contingency cases involve splitting the winnings with the attorney, but in a criminal defense case, there is no money to split.

  7. I have hired an attorney that will work on contingency if I win. If I lose, I still have to pay him. There is no payment amount on the agreement that he wants me to sign. this worries me. His contingent fee is also 40% before taxes.

  8. I have a friend who was married to a well know investment banker for over 15 years and has a child to him . when they where divorced they had an agreememant he would still support her with what she and her child , she also signed an a agreement for a small sum and had a verbal agreement that she would be supported . with in two years he has stopped all payments and communication . She does not have any money at all for lawyers . What are the chances of getting a lawyer on contingency ?

  9. Jock:

    Collections is one area where a firm like ours would probably be open to a hybrid arrangement that included a lower hourly rate and a contingency fee component.

    Aaron Hall

  10. Hello,

    My attorney increased his contigent fee percentage from 40% to 50%, what do think it means? Does it mean the case has a high risk? or the awarded damage may be a small amount? or something else?

    Thank you

  11. What legal papers should I bring to a meeting for a contenency attorney when the case involves state and federal constitution violations and double jepordy committed by a Superior court?

  12. hire a lawyer for a insurance fraud case on a contingencies fee. Have not heard from him since i hire him. He does not returns calls. Is this normal!! cannot hire anyone else because i sign a contract stating i will pay him $500.00 per hour for the work he will say he did. I have no proof he did any work at all

  13. The attorneys say 30% contingency fee, but their contract may read that the will expect you to pay any portion of the attorneys fee’s not recovered as well as all the expenses and so on. Please read the contract carefully. Attorneys are very skillful at guaranteeing they have a nice pay day at the end. You may want to have another attorney review your attorneys contract. Good luck with that.
    “Keep in mind if the attorney wants to sign you, there must be some money coming. YOU ARE THE CASE and the attorneys payday! Don’t give up your power. Read and understand your contract before you sign it!”
    I have a shark for an attorney, he’s so hungry he’d of eaten me up to if given the opportunity. It wasn’t till I reminded him “He has no case with out me!” I can take myself to the next attorney who wants to make money? It’s as easy as that!
    Contingency is Continency. Attorneys need to work!

  14. Ok so I have an attorney who took my Ssdi case on contingent and I feel I won the case they did nothing..I did all of the talking to the judge they hired a rent a lawyer at that last min who wasn’t at all familiar w/ my case. I had to get my own records, phone calls were rarely returned and I find it very unfair that they should collect from this. I don’t know what to do BBB the bar assn..??

  15. I Have A Case Where The Property Owner Did Something To My Electrical Box And Is Refusing To Allow Me Access To The Utility Room So That I Can Get A Licenced Electrian in To Fix The Problem I Went To Legal Aid and The Attorney Can’t Help Me Cause I Will Have To Sue TheProperty Owner To Gain Access Since There Is A Very Good Chance That A Monetary Award Is Very Likely He Is Suggesting A Contingency Lawyer This Problem Has Been Going On For About A Year And A Half Now And I’m Still Not Able To Move Back Into My Condo That I An Purchasing. This Is In The State Of Tennessee. Could You Please Lead Me In The Right Direction. Thank You So much

  16. I worked at a nursing home where my co-worker sexually harassed me on numerous occasions. I reported him through proper change of administrative command. We met with the administrator and I was told to apologize. I didn’t apologize because I wasn’t wrong. I have witnesses that seen what happen to me. He wasn’t suspended or reprimanded for his actions. I was wrote up twice because of constructive termination. I was forced yo quit my job. I filed a complaint with the EEOC OFFICE in New Orleans. Im still waiting on a response whether I have a case or not. I don’t have the 4,000 dollars thats needed to handle my case. I need so advice on how to hsndle the casr my self.

  17. Dear Mr Hall

    If you may know.
    What would you think is the minimum numbers of lawyers needed to represent a person in a patent litigation case?

  18. I want to file a lawsuit against my former landlord who is in possession of 50k worth of my jewelry which she says she gave them to my attorney and she has receipts but she doesnt want to give them to me. She has threatened me that she will file a counter claim if I sue her and since she has all the monetary means available to her including my jewelry, she will go to trial if she has to so she can bury me in legal fees. Is there a way I find an attorney to take my case on contingency?

  19. I have been a victim of sexual harassed and defamation of character. When I spoke up to administrative command and my union they did nothing this went on for 7 months 3 co workers tried to jump me all of us was suspended the other three have been called back to work. Not me the Union isn’t given me any answer. I need help

  20. Good morning,

    I purchased a new construction on July 1, 2014 and the home is completely defective I have had 10 leaks so far and although I am under warranty the builder is not fixing the problem. I am now in fear that the house is making me sick due to mold. I have had a headache for the past week and I am now going to the doctor to see why I am experiencing these headaches. Sunday I was experiencing headaches and ow stomach issues. I have contacted Jim Strickland from Chanel 2 News and he is doing an investigation because he could not believe the conditions of the house in only a month time and now that I am getting sick its making the matters worst. I was wondering do you take on these types of cases under contingency.

  21. Good Day,

    I need a Employment Lawyer and/or Collections Attorney on contingency basis.
    I won a Federal Judgement in retaliation lawsuit against former employer; however, he died of liver cancer. I need someone to help me to collect the funds, because the former employer changed the company, and does not want to pay what she was ordered to pay.

    Please help!

  22. i am a victim of sexual harassment, i am looking for a lawyer on a basis contingency fee, and i am looking as hard as i can but the response i keep getting is my case isn’t strong enough, i am outraged on how many woman and men have been s.h and not a one could help this is my last shot i hope someone could shed a light my way.
    these perpetraters can’t keep getting away with this. PLEASE HELP!

  23. I have been wrongfully terminated and interested in hiring a lawyer on a contingency fee basis. My case is clear case of workplace bullying that can easily be won. I have reached out for help from several different avenue and keep getting the same answer that I have to pay a high retainer fee. If I don’t have a job how do these attorney think I can come up with these high retainer fees. I have 90 days to appeal this decision and get the ball roll to sue. I have been subject to the type of treatment for 20 plus year career. I need help hiring an attorney that would be taking my case on a contingency basis, to get my job, to stop other from being treated this way, and expose the mistreatment of employees working for city agencies that can not be control. Please help

  24. I am emailing from PA and see where contingency fees for children’s cases are usually 25% but do not see a written law or statute for this, if someone wants to charge a greater percentage is there a legal reference to go to that states it is 25%

  25. i am a cdl driver i was given a ticket for careless driving due to speeding is what the officer was claiming the state picked it up and moved it to reckless they also put this on my dac report well when i called in to argue it being on my dac there was no ifs ands or buts they took it off rite now they said the whole charge was bull cause they new for a fact their was no redar gun in that weigh station .so i got a lawyer all charges was droped .but here is the thing they cost me my job at the time and i lost the big truck that i was buying so this bogus charge cost me around 100,000 dollars if you count lost wages and how much money i had paid on that truck and the money i had in it .not to mention other expences that i accured .is there a lawyer that will take this case

  26. My daughter had her car broken into, at least $1000.00 worth of damage and her things stolen, around $300 in possessions, the person responsible was arrested by police while still in the act. My insurance did not cover collision. Would an attorney take this case with their fees added to the case for the defendant to pay restitution? Meaning no out of pocket for me.

  27. Judi, unfortunately, that is not a case that any attorney I know would take on contingency.

  28. I won an Arbitration award on my personal injury case.
    The attorney took 40-50% for his fee and sent me a bill for the $1000. The provider did not get paid. Is this legal in MN?

  29. LawFirm…Want a SlamDunk Cause of Action ?
    a$200$ million marina resort commandeered our vessel and dumped it .
    Stranding without power pumps lights. Now submerged, aHazard
    to giant Cruise Ships.


  30. if you can take my case on contingency you can keep 90% of what ever is recovered. I really need an attorney to help in a landlord/tenant law..Is the mgr. refuses to stop the violence from a Black resident against senior people in a senior complex, this Black man has threatened,bullied,harassed, yelling foul language, breaks many rules and the mgr. does nothing to stop it—please help

  31. I got hurt working for federal gov./ post office draWING Owcp and SSID AT THIS TIME. DR.S HAVE WRITTEN TO them stating i can not work for them or anyone else due to the permanent disability.
    would your firm be interested getting my scheduled award, possible backpay, aby cola jncreases ive not had, or step increases. What ate my finsncial options concernjng money I think is owed. Also, while on OWCP they took health insurance out if my pay close to 3 or which thought that was paid mostly by USPS my employer. Since open season, i have my insurance on suspension due to fact I am covered thru Tri care
    and can’t be covered by 2 federal insurances. I feel backpay may be another issue not paid right.
    also now the insurance is not cominhlg out from OWCP for the health but the figures they had been taking out are not the figures i show. Am i entitled COLA raises and STEP INCREASES? My step is P and msilhandler. When I reach 62 which is 6 months and still On OWCP due to still under Drs care do i stay that way or how does it go as long as Drs. won’t release me and still being treated by 4 Drs. This is goinh to be Scheduled Award but very tricking due to fact i was jnjured back in 2002 same eye and legally blind and got award for that but now same eye different and new OWCP CASE # AND DIFFERENT I NJURY THST HAS CAUSED WHOLE DIFFERENT PROBLEM. This happened Aug. 14 2013. Will be 2 years very soon. Can i find CONTINGENCY LAWYER THAT WOULD TAKE MY CASE ON 25%. PRETTY CUT AnD DRIED. Just wsnt a lawyer ti check that ivd been paid correctly, and when jnsurance was taken out snd then thaf amount should have been given back going into affect this month for the monies that had been previously deducted ftom my OWCP CHECK EACH MO. AKSO NO I NCREASES IN A COLA OR ANY OTHER. ENTITLEMENTS.
    Thank you
    j lanier

  32. Hello,
    My mane is Phi Cam Luong. I am looking for a contingency Lawyer who can represent for my case. This case may call Medical Malpractice or personal injury, or insurance liability. ect…. . I got injury of my back pain, Lunbar spinal stenosis, leg hurt, low abdominal pain and my right foot tingling and numbness after the two procedure in the hospital as describe in the attachment. Recently my doctors says that I have a small hernia (Separation) of my abdominal wall muscles that is likely related to my prior c-section. After this two procedure I can not carry heavy things for 8 pounds in 3 to 5 minutes, to do so, it cause my leg occipitalis and my foot tingling. My hernia and low abdominal is hurt. My Doctor tell me if I decide to do surgery for my hernia, she would refer me to surgeon. But I don’t want to do surgery, I want to go to accupunturist and taking chi

  33. Hello,
    My mane is Phi Cam Luong. I am looking for a contingency Lawyer who can represent for my case. This case may call Medical Malpractice or personal injury, or insurance liability. ect…. . I got injury of my back pain, Lunbar spinal stenosis, leg hurt, low abdominal pain and my right foot tingling and numbness after the two procedure in the hospital in Jan. 30, 2014, Feb. 20, 2014 for treatment of the hemorrhoid with injection and in Feb. 5, 2014 for the procedure of Gastrointestinal. Recently my doctors says that I have a small hernia (Separation) of my abdominal wall muscles that is likely related to my prior c-section. After this two procedure I can not carry heavy things for 8 pounds in 3 to 5 minutes, to do so, it cause my leg occipitalis and my foot tingling. My hernia and low abdominal is hurt. My Doctor tell me if I decide to do surgery for my hernia, she would refer me to surgeon. But I don’t want to do surgery, I want to go to acupuncturist and taking Chinese herbs.
    After these two procedure, I have been with the physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic clinic, but the symptom is not go away.
    Please contact me at My telephone number is 503-539-0415, or my E-Mail: [email protected]
    Phi Cam Luong
    March 11, 2015

  34. I’m looking for someone to take a case I was singled out and fired unfairly

  35. I am looking for a lawyer to take my case on a contingency basis. my case involves Gosch Ford of Hemet. The Ford dealership charged me over sticker price, and took off items that were included on the sticker price. I told them I wanted a black Ford Fiesta. was told they didn’t have one there but they would bring a black Fiesta from the warehouse the following day, and to look at this white Ford Fiesta and the car would be buying would be identical to that car except black, and it was not. for the last 2 months I’ve been hung up on I’ve been treated deplorably. many more details that I’d like to go over in person I really need someone to help me; “PLEASE”

  36. Jeanne,

    From my experience, that is not the type of case attorneys will take on contingency.

    Aaron Hall

  37. Hello Mr. Hall,

    Do you take on insurance groups? lt is not a malpractice or injury case. My issue is that I have had a left hand problem (curled fingers and non-bendable thumb) that I have been dealing with for some time now and because my (HMO) medical group has denied me the proper care that I needed, all of my fingers have curled and my thumb won’t bend. My fingers weren’t always like that. My little finger was the only finger that was curled when I first started dealing with this issue. Now I completely understand about the HMO policy and not being able to go outside of the network, but I have seen several of the medical group specialists that could not properly figure out what my diagnosis is, so they each suggested that I saw an out of network provider such as a UCLA doctor. Every time my primary care doctor petitioned for a UCLA doctor, I would get denied. I understood why I was denied the first time, but every medical group doctor that I went to see keep recommending a UCLA doctor and I would still get denied. Anyway, I finally had to do an appeal, and was able to see a couple of UCLA doctors, but the doctors that I saw didn’t know what was going on either so they recommended the chief of staff for hands at UCLA. My doctor had to petition for that specialist as well, and I was denied and sent to another medical group doctor. In the meantime my hand is getting worse and worse. Instead of just my little finger curling all of my fingers are curled. Anyway, I went over the medical group’s head again and was able to see the UCLA chief of staff hand doctor and he recommended surgery at that time, but he could not do it because he was out of network. Anyway, I think you may know where I’m going with this. Now at this point I can barely use my hand. I read the medical insurance handbook and they say that they would do their best to provide the best care for their subscribers. I don’t believe that they have done that in the case of my hand issue. They said the reason that they kept denying me was because I was out of network and the only way they don’t deny cases is if it’s a matter of life and death, which it isn’t, but they also say if a body part is debilitating and my hand certainly fits in that category. What do you think?


  38. Can my legal firm that has been representing me for the last year and a half for medical malpractice that has left me scared for life all of a sudden drop me because they said they are used to car accident cases? This is in Washington state and there is the statue of limitations, not to mention the 11 hard evidence and handful of witnesses that had my lawyers telling me in the beginning that I had an excellent chance at winning my civil case for all of my trauma, pain and suffering. So is it alright by legal ethics and laws for them to keep me hanging on for a year and a half just to say they don’t have the time or proper skills to take my case after a year and a half of them telling me they do have the skills and ability? Can they do this and take up so much of my time hurting me even more when they knew they were my only hope? What should I do?

  39. Denise:

    Great question. The law generally allows attorneys to offer legal services for a combination of a contingency fee and hourly fee. This is often called an hourly-contingency hybrid. For example, if the attorney’s usual hourly rate was $350, the attorney may charge $100 per hour plus a 25% contingency fee.

    Aaron Hall

  40. I’m in a Tucson Retirement home. What was promised me has not come about several times. Most were not in writing, although I wrote up a paper for them to sign, they refused. I was promised (when I ws about to sign) that my dog could go through the club house and they were dog friendly. Today, the new manager told me I can’t go through the clubhouse. I told him the lady that signed me up said I could. I have a doctor’s permit that says I need my little dog because I get panic attacks. Then, I was promised another apt. that is cheaper and right near where I( lived. I paid $3,200 a month rent and it was told that I could have it for $26,000. The person, CAT, who put myu name on the board was shook up when I was told it was rented to another because they got more money. I had already measured for my furniture, and bought things for the “new” place. Cat said “they do not care about my word to you and I cannot be in on this, ” and she went home in tears. Then,I was promised anothyer one, and the maganger said it was to be assisted living. I told them there were at least five person I know over there and they were not going to be in the assisted living program but they lived there. Finally, I agreed to move to the back of LaCholla Retirement Home at a reduced rate. I hd to pay for the movers, and it was $1,240. Today, when he embarrassed me in front of my friends at the table where the soup is, he said “no dog in here,” and I said I wouldn’t have signed, and I have a Rx from my doc in his files…it escalated and I told him once I’ve made a pathway through here I can do it by right of passage in real estate. I got so mad at him, I would like to sue for breach of promise (even tho not on paper).

  41. what are if any legal repercussions? a attorney hired me on an hourly basis to re-install some rolling file cabinets in his office we agreed on an hourly wage and then he asked me to do several task’s around his home when i was done. i said ok and did several hours of work around his home, even requested me to stay at his home so i did and worked many many hours for the man only to not get paid and be threatened by this so called attorney over and over again via text.
    bottom line is he owes me $1.930.00 in hourly wages and still no payments yet and wont answer my texts any longer even though he texted me the check was in the mail. there are several hours that are considered overtime and possibly double time does anyone have a resolution in mind

  42. In a situation in which there is a ‘slam dunk’ case with respect to both damages and liability, is it reasonable to hire an attorney on an hourly fee basis prior to signing a contingency fee agreement. That is, to handle the possibility of a quick settlement. And if that is not possible, to locate and negotiate a typical contingency fee arrangement with a specialist.

    I suppose my personal philosophy is to avoid lawyers and litigation, but if/when it is necessary to hire only the best. But how can an ordinary person negotiate with a ‘high power’ trial attorney?

  43. In an arbitration that is complicated and lengthy, is it proper for the attorney to bill worked hours and then take 1/3 of the award after deducting all expenses? So the plaintiff is paying lets say 300,000 in billed hours. Then the plaintiff gets an award of 1 million dollars. The attorney has the 300,000 that was paid by plaintiff and gets a third of the 700,000. (1 million less the 300,000)

    Is that proper?

  44. Mass Mutual Insurance Co. issued forged checks to a dishonest agent that had his license revoked in Jefferson City,Missouri , for stealing.The officers had to approve the issueing of forged checks.Please do something about this.The policies that he sold me were “Endowment Policies” that built up cash value and you could borrow from them. The dishonest agents name is Harold L. Whitney.

  45. If you hire Representation on a contingency basis for a divorce case and then the Attorney deserts you 1week before the final court appearance or trial, does he/she still eligible to receive money? Is it lawful for the same Attorney that deserts you, to put a lien on the client’s awards after the divorce was finalized by another Attorney? Please let me know. Thanks.

  46. I brought my car from overseas in December and it passed all the federal and state inspection. I then had the car serviced at the dealership to ensure that it was cared for. A few weeks later I had a brake problem and took it to Brake World. I was told that the master cylinder needed to be replaced along with all need brake pads and two new rotars.Two days later I was contacted and told I needed a new brake booster as well. I agreed to have the additional work done.
    I was then contacted the following day and they told me that while they were trying to test the car they turned it on and one min later there was white smoke from the exhaust pipe and the engine blew.
    His insurance company has denied any wrongdoing and has refused two times to cover the claim that we have against him.

    I would like to know if Indo have a case against Brake World or not. There are three hole in the engine and I have video from the dealership showing that when the lower engine block was removed along with the oil pan the oil was straight out of the bottle clean . The dealership and its technicians all agree that the damage is not internal engine failure. It was something they did to the car and then tried to cover up.

  47. I have a question, but first I will explain my situatoon I sued my former boss/ job for working off the time clock and various other related violations , well it resulted in them settling to pay $8000 dollars, but for some reason my attorney will get $5000 all at once and I am getting ,,$3000 spread out over ,3 months is that right

  48. My other half got up diarera plus vomiting. Checked in emergency room. They gave him iv’s for about 12 hr plus $13000 tests. After 12 hr tests doc said lest test you by giving you some water. My Tom started through in up. Doc said let’s keep you thru night. Next morning doc said, “are you ready to go home young man?” NO feed back about tezts. No apparatus knowledge that Tom could not keep any liquid down mush less at least check his intake ability. I Hollard to doc , you will not check him out without seeing if he could keep breakfast down. Thus he kept liquid breakfast down. Checked out near noon 2/22/16. No f=dback about tests even. Out of hospital Thursday, dies massage heart attack next Mon PM.
    Who would be a Denver or Aurira, Co attorney & most likely on contingency?

  49. Unjustifiable conduct at Saint Cloud Hospital Arbitrary and Capricious Drug Testing resulting in termination/ denied unemployment benefits. 10/29/13- I had filed an incident report in regards to a Registered Nurse stealing narcotics from a patient and during our shift, she had been assisting a patient with transferring in which the patient had fallen and received serious injuries. Prior to filing the incident report, I have never received any complaints, negative performance reviews, or any remediation pertaining to my practice of nursing. 11/1/13- Reprimanded while at work by supervisor in which she had stated, ” I have grave concerns about the safety and well-being of your fellow co-workers and the patients while you are at work Jolene”. I had asked her what about the incident report that I had sent to you, in which she sternly replied, “we are not here to talk about anyone other than yourself Jolene”. 11/3/13- Terminated due to refusal to provide an UA. Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing. I had provided two UA samples in 2.5 hour time frame, in which the heat strip mechanism had been defective/faulty of measuring temperature. (The Lab Technician had stated this within my presence) The Lab Technician did not document any pertinent information on the chain of custody document, did not provide a signature on the chain of custody document (I have evidence of falsification/alteration of the chain of custody document) Negligence of documentation/providing quality assurance of procedure, provided no safeguards/reliability for me as an employee due to reckless conduct. Only one Chain of Custody form when I had provided two urinalysis samples.(NO mention of UA volume insufficiency) 11/5/13- I called the scheduler on Neuroscience and Spine unit to verify if I could come back to work, she said I was in the system but my name had been crossed off the list. The scheduler reported my phone call to my supervisor in which she had proceeded to call me and stated again, “I still have grave concerns regarding the safety of the patients and co-workers while your at work Jolene”. I asked her when I was able to return to work, in which she had replied, “you are not to return to work until further communications are made,” in which I asked, “what does that mean?” She stated that, “there is going to be a meeting with human resources”. She also stated that I was not allowed to return back to work because I did not provided a viable UA sample, I had replied, “it was beyond my means of control” in which she had stated, “you still were unable to provide a suitable UA”. (NO mention of UA volume discrepancy) 11/18/13- I called Human Resources to find out what was going on in which I was told I had been terminated effective 11/3/13 due to providing two urinalysis samples that were 28ML and not the required 30ML and that my urine was too cold. I know for a fact that I had provided a sufficient amount, it was never voiced as a concern during the collection process that they could not use UA samples due to insufficient volume. I have countless documents in which my Supervisor had recklessly slapped together information that is false. (The chain of custody document that I have has extremely peculiar markings over the lab technicians signature/ date and time/ and other fields) I without a doubt believe that they erased or covered up her signature on the chain of custody document. I had called the laboratory to find this information and was told that they had no records on file, I had called the Neuroscience and Spine department in hopes of contacting one of the charge nurses whom I had sent the incident report but only was able to talk to voice mail machine. I received a letter in the mail stating if I contact the hospital again that they would be filing a harassment charge against me. I absolutely cherished my career at Saint Cloud Hospital, and it is still just absolutely devastating to me that I been treated this way after doing what I thought was the ethical/right thing to do.
    (I have a substantial amount of evidence to back up my claims)

  50. I have an obvious medical malpractice, discrimination based on disease and disability, vulnerable adult/elder abuse case, possibly wrongful death . I have research to back up the multitude of wrong doing. I even have paid for a medical legal company to review of medical records. I could not find a lawyer to take the case, Not even the pro bono lawyer(s).
    I am struggling for one year with brain and other injuries sustained in a high way semi accident (I was rear ended). For one it is not recommended and 2, It is impossible for me to file this case myself since it is too complicated for my physical, emotional, psychological and mental status to handle.
    How does the statutes of limitation apply to me and my situation? Is there a possibility I can petition for an extension of the statutes of limitation? Is there a lawyer that can help in anyway? There is no way I can afford the expert opinions to confirm the legal report I have. (One of the lawyers said he will take the case if I obtain the expert opinion). Besides, the experts only deal with attorneys. Where and how do people in my position get a day of justice? How do l access legal the system and quality health care as promised by this country? What are my options or what can I do? Happened in Minnesota. I need all the help I can get.

  51. Unfortunately, the attorney’s explanation makes it clear that in America the legal system is reserved for the wealthy and almost wealthy. Regular folks need to just get over it. No one is on our side.

  52. Yes my mother had passed away two years ago she didn’t leave a will on the property that we were living in the house and the property my sister of course be intimidated me to sign my rights over to her I’m trying to contest contestant contestant because I am in MHMR a client I didn’t have no legal representation someone to be there to tell me what was going on I didn’t understand what was going on all I know is she said that she would help me she only gives me $500 a month I never have any money after I pay my rent and pay my phone bill never have any money after that I felt that this was so unfair and what she did and her lawyer did. it didn’t go to probate court because your lawyer wanted it all that money. I need to find somebody that’s pro bono or if I can get directed to somebody that will help me with pro bono the house s\for sale for $500,000 Plus if you can help me in any way you can get in touch with me at 512 679 01 726 Bonnie Gomez thank you.

  53. I need an attorney to represent me forb%80 of my belongings was stolen antique furniture’s collection of my vintage gemstones jeweleries
    Expensive designers brands leather purses, wood crafts etc from the house I lived for more than 2′ years locked down the property when we at work illegally and dumped all out at the storages units setbof my old vintage collections broken my the movers and the realtor they withheld information about the movers name
    This all accrued on the end of August of this year’s me and my roommates lost a lots of stuff
    Thank you my phone number 949 330 3748 thank you

  54. need a lawyer for false allegations against cps/Dcfs children services and child custody I’ve been harassing and disrespected by them for three years I did absolutely nothing i’ve been emotional distress because of this

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