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Minnesota Private Attorney General Statute: Get Attorney Fees Back

Table of Contents What is a private attorney general statute?Where is Minnesota’s private attorney general statute?When can attorney’s fees be recovered?Must the public benefit from your case?Will courts consider how much the public will benefit? What is a private attorney general statute? A “private attorney general” statute authorizes a court to award attorney’s fees to … Read More

5 Tips to Delegate and Elevate Your Leadership Team

If you’re running EOS® (the Entrepreneur’s Operating System) in your business, you have experienced firsthand how beneficial it can be to your company’s growth.  Like all learning tools and systems, to really gain strong traction, the challenge lies in supporting your team on the ground level with the day-to-day execution and implementation of EOS  principles. … Read More

Minnesota Charity Law: Guide for Nonprofit Board of Directors

Table of Contents Guide for Charity Board MembersIntroduction:To Exercise the Proper Duty of Care:1. Active Participation2. Committees3. Board Actions4. Minutes of Meetings5. Books and Records6. Accurate Record Keeping7. Charitable Assets8. Resources9. InvestigationsTo Exercise the Duty of Loyalty:1. Conflicts of Interest2. Written Policy3. Loans4. Corporate Opportunity5. Internal Revenue CodeTo Exercise the Duty of Obedience:1. State and … Read More

Overview of Minnesota Nonprofit Law

Minnesota nonprofit organizations are governed by the Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Act, Minn. Stat. ch. 317A.  A nonprofit corporation’s purpose and activities must serve the organization’s mission to benefit the public, and may not be operated to profit other persons or entities. Table of Contents Tax-Exempt Status of NonprofitsNonprofit GovernanceKey Laws for Minnesota NonprofitsAdditional Resources Tax-Exempt Status … Read More

Free Private Meeting Room Spaces in the Twin Cities

Whether you are a real estate agent, solo attorney, or consultant, you often need a private room outside your home to meet with clients. Fortunately, the Twin Cities business community and library systems offer a variety of places for you to meet with your clients and potential clients. Highlights include certain coffee shop locations with … Read More

A Quick How-To Guide for Paying for Alzheimer’s Care

More than 5 million Americans over the age of 65 have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease — and a new senior is diagnosed every 65 seconds. While these numbers might seem shocking, what’s even more alarming are the numbers associated with cost of care. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it costs an estimated $277 billion a year for all … Read More

Accidents and Personal Injury

When you have been hurt in an accident, life can be overwhelming. You probably have medical bills. You may have a damaged car, truck, or motorcycle. You might miss work because of your injury. The stress, anxiety, and pain may also affect your performance at work, relationships at home, and other lifestyle activities. Sadly, insurance … Read More

Are clickwrap or browsewrap contracts enforceable?

Table of Contents Are Online “Click to Accept” Agreements Valid?How Clickwraps and Browsewraps Are UsedCautionary TalesBrowsewrap AgreementsClickwrap AgreementsEndnotes Are Online “Click to Accept” Agreements Valid? This is an archived copy of an article that originally appeared in Communications Lawyer, published by the ABA in January, 2015. From the Chair: “Click Here to Accept the Terms of … Read More

How is a Social Club Taxed? IRS Guidance on 501(c)(7)

Table of Contents IntroductionTraditional vs. Nontraditional ActivitiesFACTSSituation 1: Situation 2: LAW AND ANALYSISCONCLUSIONSTimber SalesTraditional or Nontraditional?TIM-BERRRRRRRR! – Will Exempt Status Fall?Reinvestment OptionAdvertising IncomeBackgroundAllocation of Advertising ExpensesDiscriminatory Social Clubs – IRC 501(i) Introduction Social clubs are exempt from federal income tax under IRC 501(a) as organizations described in IRC 501(c)(7) if they are “organized for pleasure, recreation, … Read More

Terms and Definitions for Conservatorship and Guardianship

The following are terms and definitions for conservatorship, guardianship, and related concepts. Please note, these are common definitions, but precise legal definitions may vary depending on how a term is defined in a contract, law, or case. Table of Contents What is an Affidavit?What is an Appeal?What is a Bond?What is a Burden of Proof?What … Read More