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Example Form: Trust Beneficiary Receipt and Release Template

Table of Contents IntroductionDownloadTemplateDrafting Notes Introduction This template is provided free of charge for the benefit of the public. As with any legal form or template, you should consult with your attorney before relying on anything you read on the internet. This form may not be appropriate for your circumstances or in your jurisdiction. Download … Read More

Getting an EIN: Personal Service Corporation vs. S Corp

This article is for people wondering whether to select “S Corporation” or “Personal Service Corporation” when applying for an EIN on the website. Let’s assume you are in the process of setting up an S corporation to provide professional services (e.g. law firm or chiropractic office), and now you need an EIN number. You visit … Read More

Religious Clothing and Attire at Work: Legal Tips

This article answers questions about how federal employment discrimination law applies to religious dress and grooming practices, and what steps employers can take to meet their legal responsibilities in this area. Examples of religious dress and grooming practices include wearing religious clothing or articles (e.g., a Muslim hijab (headscarf), a Sikh turban, or a Christian … Read More

How to Avoid Religious Discrimination in Your Company

Religious discrimination affects all faiths: Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, and more. Employers have liability for their policies and procedures related to how each employee’s religion affects work. Below are best practices for employers and managers in the United States. Table of Contents Disparate Treatment Based on ReligionEmployer Best PracticesReligious HarassmentEmployer Best PracticesEmployee Best PracticesReasonable … Read More

Asset Protection Trust

An asset protection trust is a type of trust designed for the purpose of protecting your assets. This type of trust involves a number of legal techniques to protect assets from specific types of threats. When drafted properly, an asset protection trust can provide the following benefits: ensure funds are not used for substance abuse or … Read More

Dealing with Employee Xenophobia in Your Business

Xenophobia is simply fear of foreigners. Conflict abroad often increases xenophobia in the workplace. This fear may manifest itself in different ways among your employees: distrust, anxiety, or discrimination.  On the surface, xenophobia can seriously effect your company’s culture. It can also get your company in legal trouble. For example, the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has sued … Read More

United States Anti-Kickback Statute

The United States Anti-Kickback Statute was enacted into law to prevent companies (and individuals) from paying to induce or reward patient referrals for any goods or services covered or reimbursed by federal healthcare programs. In particular, the concern was goods and services—including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, medical care, and health care services—covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Table … Read More

Is ‘Indemnify’ the Same as ‘Hold Harmless’ in Minnesota Statutes?

Table of Contents Is ‘Indemnify’ the Same as ‘Hold Harmless’ in Minnesota Statutes?Legislative Intent Based on Law DictionaryOld Approach: Employer Reimbursement Under Common LawNew Approach: No Employer Reimbursement Under Minnesota Statutes Is ‘Indemnify’ the Same as ‘Hold Harmless’ in Minnesota Statutes? Yes, “indemnify” generally means the same as “hold harmless.” When considering whether “indemnify” is … Read More

Can Minnesota Employers Sue Employees for Negligence & Damages?

Table of Contents Are Employees Liable to Their Employers for Negligence?Can a Minnesota Employer Sue an Employee for Damages Caused by Negligence?Are there any exceptions to suing employees for negligence?Where is the Law Providing that Employees are Not Liable to Employers for Negligence?1. Employers Must Indemnify Employees2. “Indemnify” includes “Hold Harmless” Are Employees Liable to Their … Read More

2018 Tax Changes – What You Should Know (Part 4)

Table of Contents Estate and Gift Tax ChangesState Estate Taxes Still ApplyCertain Trusts Can Provide Tax BenefitsAdditional Resources Estate and Gift Tax Changes In Part 3, we discussed changed to the taxation of businesses, now in our final section, we talk about the estate and gift tax changes. The exclusion amount for estate and gift … Read More