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Succeeding on Purpose: a Workshop

Succeeding on Purpose: a Workshop by Latitude Often CEOs and other leaders want to lead with a purpose greater than profit, but the majority struggle to integrate purpose into their everyday operations. In this workshop, Glenn Deering—Exec. Director of Strategy and Purpose Innovation at Latitude—will lead attendees through interactive exercises that introduce proven ideas and … Read More

Free Renter Legal Help: Lawyers Defend Minnesota Tenant Rights

Here are some outstanding resources for renters (informally referred to as “renters”) and attorneys representing tenants against landlords in Minnesota. Let’s face it, landlords often have the advantage because they select the lease they require of tenants. For example, I regularly represent landlords. However, tenants have some strong law on their side. These resources are … Read More

How the ‘Business Judgment Rule’ Protects Directors and Officers

If you are an officer or director accused of making a bad decision, the “business judgment rule” is an important defense to understand. Table of Contents Directors and Officers Owe a Duty of CareThe Business Judgment Rule Protects Directors and OfficersThe Disney ExamplePractical Tip for Directors and OfficersDisinterestedInformedBest Interests of the Corporation Directors and Officers … Read More

Registered Agent: A Physical Office for Your Business

Every Minnesota business needs to have an address on record with the Secretary of State. This is called the registered office. Instead of providing a physical address, you can use a registered agent service. This article explains the details. Table of Contents What a registered office?What is a registered agent Service?What are some options for registered … Read More

The Torrens Title System Minnesota: The Short Course for Surveyors

August 2009 A surveyor colleague of mine came back from a continuing education class a while ago and said that the lawyer instructor wished out loud that the Torrens system would go away. The lawyer, like some surveyors, did not like dealing with the Torrens system. For many surveyors and lawyers, the Torrens registration system … Read More

MA-CVT Non-Financial Eligibility

This subchapter provides non-financial policy information that applies to Medical Assistance for people receiving services at the Center for Victims of Torture (MA-CVT). Non-financial eligibility requirements are not related to a person’s income or assets. MA-CVT Immigration Status People receiving services at the Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), who are not otherwise eligible for … Read More

Ways to Combat Caregiver Burnout with Self-Care

If you provide care for a family member, you know that this labor of love can take a toll on your mind and body. Caregiver burnout is the result of providing care without respite, often around-the-clock and for weeks or months on end. In addition to compromising your own health, you also risk the well-being … Read More

Is Real Estate Broker/Agent Fee-Sharing Legal in Minnesota?

Among real estate agents and brokers, some types of referral fees, commissions, and fee sharing are permitted. However, other types of fee sharing are prohibited by Minnesota real estate statutes and regulations. Whether fee-splitting is a “legal commission” or “illegal kickback” depends on the context. Minnesota’s primary authority on sharing real estate agent and broker … Read More

What’s at the End of Your Business Name Besides INC or LLC?

When you name your LLC or corporation, you need to decide which entity designation to include at the end. For example, “Angie’s Plumbing” might become “Angie’s Plumbing LLC” to indicate Angie’s Plumbing is a limited liability company. This page lists the entity designations when starting a business in Minnesota. Table of Contents CorporationProfessional CorporationLimited Liability CompanyProfessional … Read More

Minnesota Employment Rights: Where to Get Help

The following material was prepared by the Minnesota Office of Attorney General to assist those seeking legal help for violations of Minnesota employment law. Table of Contents WagesBenefitsPersonnel FilesEmployee or Independent ContractorWorking ConditionsWhistleblower ProtectionEmployment Discrimination Wages Some employees receive less in wages than they expect.  This might occur because an employer does not pay for … Read More