Prepare for Your Telephone Hearing

You are scheduled to participate in an Unemployment Insurance appeal hearing on the date and time listed in the Notice of Hearing included in this mailing. The purpose of the hearing is for the judge to take sworn testimony and other evidence on the issues involved to make a decision. Some hearings only involve you and some include others.

The unemployment law judge in charge of the hearing will call you at the phone number listed on the Notice of Hearing. If the phone number we have listed for you is not correct, call the Appeals Office at the number listed below or see the reverse side for instructions to log in to your online account.

To reschedule your hearing, call the Appeals Office.

If you do not answer when the judge calls you, the judge will either dismiss your appeal or make a decision based on the information we have, including testimony from others who participated in the hearing. If you do not receive a phone call from the judge within 10 minutes of the start time, call the Appeals Office. If the hearing is dismissed, it will not be rescheduled unless you had ‘good cause’ for not participating. ‘Good cause’ is a reason that would prevent a reasonable person acting with due diligence from participating.

The hearing will be recorded and is private. During the hearing, the judge will receive evidence, ask questions, allow parties to question witnesses, and rule on objections. Parties may give closing statements.

Prepare for the Hearing

It may help your case to submit evidence that supports your testimony, for example: written policies, warnings, medical statements, contracts, time or pay records.

  • Five or more days before the hearing, fax or mail evidence to the Appeals Office along with the Appeal Documents Submission Form that is enclosed, and mail copies of the same evidence to the opposing party. Late evidence may be excluded.
  • You can ask for the names of the other party’s witnesses and representatives by sending a request directly to the other party by mail or email (we cannot give you that information). The other party must respond to you within five calendar days.

Submitting Evidence to the Judge

  • You should submit all evidence before the hearing. The hearing is the only opportunity to submit evidence.
  • Only send copies of documentation, no originals. Do not highlight.
  • Evidence will be shared with the other party.
  • When sending in evidence, you must remove (black out) private information.
  • If you have evidence in the form of pictures or other media, such as video or audio recordings, call the Appeals Office for instructions on how to submit them.

Requesting a Subpoena

A subpoena is an order that requires someone to testify in a hearing and/or submit evidence for the hearing. You may request a subpoena before or during the hearing. To request a subpoena during the hearing, tell the judge who or what you want subpoenaed.

To request a subpoena before the hearing:

  1. Fax or mail a written request to the Appeals Office along with the Appeal Documents Submission Form that is enclosed.
  2. Include the name, phone number, and address for each person you want to subpoena.
  3. Write a detailed description of any other evidence that you want the person to provide for the hearing.

The unemployment law judge in charge of the hearing will review the request. If a subpoena is granted before the hearing, you will receive a copy of it marked as an exhibit. If it is not, you can ask the judge at the start of the hearing to review the request again.

Contact Information for Everyone in the Hearing

You must update your contact, witness, and attorney/representative information before the hearing. Any time before the day of the hearing, you can go online and follow the prompts listed below. On the day of the hearing, call the Appeals Office at 651-296-3745 or TTY -for the hearing impaired: 1-866-814-1252.

Instructions for applicants

  1. Log in to your online account at
  2. Select View and Maintain My Account
  3. Select Determination and Issue Summary
  4. Select the Issue Identification Number for the appeal

Instructions for employers

  1. Log in at
  2. Select Determinations and Issue Summary
  3. Select Custom Search
  4. Enter employee’s Social Security number and select Search
  5. Select the employee’s name.

On the Day of the Hearing

  • If you do not receive a phone call from the judge within 10 minutes of the start time, call the Appeals Office.
  •  You cannot participate while driving.
  •  The hearing is scheduled for an hour, but may take longer.
  • If using a cell phone, be sure it is charged, has good reception, and has enough minutes.
  •  Have the documents that were mailed to you and keep them in the order you received them.
  • If the phone call gets disconnected during the hearing, hang up and the judge will call you back.
  • The judge will question both parties and any witnesses. You (or your representative) and the other party can also ask questions.

After the Hearing

The judge will make a decision based on the evidence that was more convincing and had a greater probability of truth than the opposing evidence (a preponderance of the evidence). We will mail the decision to both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need an interpreter for the hearing?

Call the Appeals Office and we will provide one free of charge. You cannot have a family member or friend be your interpreter at the hearing.

What if I need an accommodation?

Call the Appeals Office.

Can I stop the appeal process?

Only the appealing party can stop the appeal process at any time before the judge mails the decision by going online or calling the Appeals Office.

Who should I have as a witness?

The best witnesses have firsthand knowledge of the situation. If someone will not agree to participate, you can ask the judge for a subpoena.

Do I need an attorney?

No, however, if you choose to hire an attorney or have someone represent you, you must provide their contact information.