This is an example letter demanding a landlord return a former tenant‘s security deposit. For more demand letters, see the Minnesota Demand Letters page.

Letter Template

Sent by U.S. Mail



Re: [FORMER TENANT] & Your Violations of Minnesota Statutes Chapter 504B


This firm represents [FORMER TENANT] in the above referenced matter. As you know, [FORMER TENANT] rented your property at [TENANT’S FORMER ADDRESS]. [FORMER TENANT] provided you with his forwarding address on [DATE], [DATE], and [DATE]. Upon receiving this notice on [FIRST DATE], you had twenty-one (21) days to return his security deposit or furnish to him a written statement showing the specific reason for the withholding of the deposit or any portion thereof.

Under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 504B, [FORMER TENANT] is now entitled to seek the following amounts:

  1. $[XXXX] security deposit
  2. $[XXXX] statutory penalty for failing to return the security deposit
  3. $[XXXX] statutory penalty for bad faith
  4. Interest (which continues to accrue)

We are prepared to proceed with legal action, and in addition to seeking the amounts above, we will seek recovery of court costs and legal fees. Your exposure could be substantial.

[FORMER TENANT] would prefer to give you one last opportunity to settle this matter before proceeding with legal action. Accordingly, to fully settle this matter, send payment of $[XXXX] by [DATE] to


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.


Attorney at Law

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  1. Hi,
    Who is response of paying back my security deposit? My old landlord sold his house/property to a new owner. Within Month as my lease ended. I ask my new landlord and he ask me to contact my old landlord who use to own the place. The old landlord told me that he doesn’t own the house anymore and that has to do with the new landlord regarding paying my security deposit. Please help and thank you!

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