Must Minnesota Employers Give a Reason for Terminating Employment?

Yes, employers are required to provide the reason for the termination in writing. This law is in Minnesota Statutes section 181.933, subdivision 1:

An employee who has been involuntarily terminated may, within 15 working days following such termination, request in writing that the employer inform the employee of the reason for the termination. Within ten working days following receipt of such request, an employer shall inform the terminated employee in writing of the truthful reason for the termination.

Tip for Employers

Employers do not need to provide any detail or explanation. Employers do not need to provide examples. Employers do not need to explain categories. For example, a summary statement like this is sufficient: “The reason for your termination from employment was your performance issues, which we discussed on multiple occasions.”

Tip for Terminated Employees

As noted above, a savvy employer probably won’t provide much to you when requesting your reason for termination. However, it can’t hurt to ask.

Other things to consider asking for include your employee file and final wages.