Video Transcript

Is it illegal for business owners to drink on the job? So we are not going to get into whether it is prudent or a best practice. Let’s just talk about is it illegal. As long as there is no company policy that prohibits it, it is usually not illegal. In other words, it is usually legal for a business owner to drink on the job unless the business has a policy that prohibits it or there is some specific law in your industry or profession that prohibits it.

When Are You Liable?

But here is one thing to keep in mind. You are still liable for everything you do, even if you are intoxicated. It is not a legal defense to say, “Oh, I was drunk, so I shouldn’t be responsible for whatever problems I caused or harm I caused or my actions.” Whether it is improper speech or conduct or damage to something, you remain personally liable for your personal conduct, regardless of whether you have an LLC and regardless of whether you have been drinking.

So although it is not illegal to drink on the job unless you have a policy against it or a law against it, obviously, it comes with some significant risks.


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