Emancipation in Minnesota: Laws on Leaving Home

April 23, 2012

I do not practice in this area. To find an emancipation attorney, you can contact either of these organizations:

Let’s face it—many adults make terrible parents. Sometimes, a teenager would be better off without the harmful, toxic involvement of his or her parents. Emancipation can be one answer to the problem. In Minnesota, “emancipation” means that a minor has the same legal rights and Minor obligations as an eighteen-year-old adult. It can also be “partial, conditional … or limited as to time or purpose.” Sonnenberg v. County of Hennepin, 99 N.W.2d 444, 447-48 (Minn. 1959).

The parents of emancipated children are released of their legal duty to financially support their children. Emancipated minors are still subject to the law based on their age (i.e. they cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes, must be off the streets by curfew, are not able to vote and will be considered truant if they don’t attend school), however, emancipation allows them to function independently in an economic sense (i.e. sign a lease for an apartment, get credit). MN statutes recognize several rights for emancipated children, including:

  • an emancipated minor may forego immunization because of religious belief (Minn. Stat. § 121A.15, subd. 3(d))
  • an emancipated minor is allowed to own a passenger auto or truck (Minn. Stat. § 168.101, subd. 1)
  • a legally emancipated minor is eligible for General Assistance (Minn. Stat. § 256D.05, subd. 1(a)(10))
  • an existing guardianship may be discharged upon a showing that the child is emancipated (Minn. Stat. § 260C.328)

Minnesota law does not provide a distinct process for minors to become emancipated from their parents. However, a court can use its discretion to declare that a child is emancipated by applying certain factors, but there is no way to predict how a court will rule on the issue. The law is complicated in this area because it seeks to protect both the parents and the children. Emancipation can be expected to occur:

  1. by reaching the age of eighteen,
  2. by lawful marriage (Lundstrom v. Mample 285 N.W. 83 (Minn. 1939)),
  3. by implied or express parental consent (In re Fiihr 184 N.W.2d 22 (Minn. 1971)), or
  4. by court order.

Emancipation is often a complicated and confusing process, and there may be other legal options that may be more effective for your situation.

Options Besides Emancipation

Children in Need of Protective Services (CHIPS)

For a child age sixteen or older who is the subject of a “child in need of protective services” petition, the Juvenile Court may authorize an independent living situation for the child that is the equivalent of emancipation. Minn. Stat. § 260C.201, subd. 1(a)(5). Alternatively, if the child wants to be parented in another home, an adult from a home can go to court for an order giving them custody of the child. The other alternative is foster care. Ultimately, the court will decide which supervision is appropriate.

Delegation of Parental Authority (DOPA)

There is a DOPA form that can be filled to pass on parental authority to another party.

Order for Protection (OFP)

For emotionally, physically, or sexually abused individuals, an OFP can be filed with a court by the victim or a third party at no charge. You will get a hearing before a judge, and he will decide, based on testimony and evidence, the appropriate course of action. In an OFP hearing, the judge will not necessarily give you what you ask, but will decide what is appropriate from his own discretion.

A letter stating emancipation

Some problems (e.g., getting a lease for an apartment) may be resolved by a statement by your parent saying that you are emancipated or a letter from a lawyer which contains the legal conclusion that you should be considered emancipated.

Other Minnesota Emancipation Resources

Steps to Seek Emancipation

If you decide emancipation is the best option for you, the process is to complete legal forms, which are commonly known as “emancipation papers” or “emancipation forms,” and file them with the court. Then the court will hold a hearing, where the person seeking emancipation attends. On average, court and attorney fees total $3,000. If parents contest the emancipation petition, the fees will be higher.

How Much Does an Emancipation Attorney Cost?

Emancipation attorney help is not cheap. Hiring a private attorney may cost $5,000 to $10,000.

However, this page provides a list of volunteer attorneys who provide pro bono services in Minnesota.

Get Immediate Help

Often, you need more than help from the courts. You need to talk with someone experienced with your problems or you need to find safety. Here are some additional resources to get help outside of the court system:

Get Legal Help

As noted above, I do not practice in this area. To find an emancipation attorney, you can contact either of these organizations:

This article is informational only. We are unable to respond to your comments and questions.

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  1. If I want to move in with my boyfriend I have to get married to him? I’m 17 and I tried to move out but I was counted as a missing person. Cant I just sign some papers and be emancipated?

  2. Moriah:

    No, you can’t just sign some papers to be emancipated. However, a court order could permit you to become emancipated. An attorney can analyze your situation, determine the court’s likelihood of granting emancipation, and assist you with the process.


  3. I am 18 and my mother kicked me out of the house while in highschool but I wan’t to go to college now but she is unwilling to give me her tax information, is emancipation the best way to fix this problem and to move on with my life or is there a better solution, or maybe another solution?

  4. Ayisha:

    Your situation is not unique. Unfortunately, many children face this problem.

    Emancipation would not be the best route to get tax forms. I would recommend that you speak with a financial aid officer at a college you would like to attend. That would be a free way to determine the best way to handle this. If that doesn’t work, you could ask an attorney to write a strongly worded letter, but that would cost money.


  5. I am wondering if I can get emacipated. My parents mentally abuse me and I have a place where I could live. I will be getting a job very soon by cna and I will be turning 16 in about 2 weeks. Can I get emacipated from my parents?

  6. Kyla:

    If you are considering emancipation, you are encouraged to contact a lawyer who can analyze your circumstances. We charge $250 to analyze your circumstances and determine your rights and options. If you would like us to work for you after that point, there are additional legal fees, which we can quote after we know your circumstances. If you are at risk of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, call 911 and ask for help.


  7. I am 17, my parents have been mentally abusing me and I would like to be emancipated. I have 2 jobs, a place to live and money to support myself the only thing is this also has to do with my boyfriend who they placed a restraining order on. I would like to have this order taken off, if I go through the process of emancipation would I have the right to do so?

  8. Syd:

    A restraining order is issued by a court, so the only way to have it lifted is by the court. Emancipation would not lift or alter a restraining order unless the court specifically did so.


  9. My name is Alexis Gomez, and I’m thinking of being emancipated. I was born in Washington so I have my citizenship here in the USA. Since my parents are from Mexico they are planning to moving back. I do not want to loose my rights here in the USA, I would love to stay here because this is my country I was born here and I want to continue living here. Is there anyway I could be emancipated?

  10. Hi. I’m chris. I’m 17 from Minnesota. I was wondering how hard it is to get the forms to be emancepated and what is the prossess when I get the forms

  11. Chris:

    Anyone wanting to do an emancipation should work with a lawyer. It’s not a simple process.


  12. I was a arrogant out of control teenager. I took my parents car, they decided to charge me as a juvenille with grand theft auto to teach me a lesson. The court asked me what I would do if they sent me home with my parents. I told them that I would just run away, that I wanted to be on my own. That day I walked out the front doors of the courthouse on my own. Troubled and on drugs. I was never emancipated, I was 16 years old. So how does that work? Who was responsible for me?

  13. Russell:

    It appears that you refused to follow the rules at home and essentially ran away from home. It also appears that you are now over 18 years old. Resolution of these issues would probably be better sought from a psychologist rather than through the legal system.


  14. I’m 16, have a job, have a place to live, and am being verbally, emotionally, as well as physically, though not daily, abused. My personal privacy is being completely violated and emotionally, I feel unsafe. How do I get the papers for emancipation?

  15. Im 16 and my parents dont like the kind of religion ive been persuing, i have a job, maintain good grades, my mother, step dad, and my brothers also verbally and harshlly emotionally abuse me how hard would it be to get emancipated? and how would i go about doing so if my mother refuses to sign the papers?

  16. Kelsey:

    Emancipation does not require your mom to sign the papers. Emancipation is done by the court. I would need to know a lot more about your situation to accurately advise you on how the likelihood the court would grant your emancipation request.

    As for the emotional abuse, this is very serious and you should contact a school counselor to discuss your options.


  17. My name is brooklynn and i am 15. I am mentally and emotionally abused by my mother and sister. My sister(19) also physically abuses me. She has even put me in the hospital. I want to be able to leave behind the drama of my family. I love them both but would feel safer being away from them. I keep up a B average in school and have a well paying job. I even have a place i could stay until i graduate from high school and know they will take care of me. I want to be emancipated as soon as possible. What would i have to do to accomplish this?

  18. hey. I am 16 years old with a child that is one. i have been experiencing emotional and physical abuse at my house i would like to live with my boyfriend but there is a restraining order against him. the restraining order is only for him not coming to my house. I feel like i would be better off somewhere other than my house my son would also be better off there with out all of the drama and arguein between my parents.

  19. I have permission to get my own apartment at the age of 17, My Mom said it was okay as long as I find out what needs to be done. Is there a form she can fill out or something so that I can move out?

  20. Hi, i am 15 now, will be turning 16 in October. I have been dealing with emotional abuse due to my alcoholic mother. She has been an alcoholic my entire life and has only had one time, when i was a young child, that she was sober for approximately two years. I have always known her as an alcoholic and have been forced to take care of myself and my younger sister throughout my entire life. Recently I moved in with my father who was 8 years sober, from drug use, and he then went back to the drugs. Having no where to go, my dads landlord and close friend of mine who i had known for 6 years, took me in for approximately one year. I lived with him, his wife, and their daughter. My life finally seemed normal, but that could be kept up because they were not my legal gaurdians of course. I then moved back in with my mother, who had finally gained some sobriety. I was not happy with the move, but i soon settled in, and was becoming happy with my new life with my sober mother, but after one year she relapsed and went to jail. I am sick of dealing with all the false hopes, and the constant struggles of not knowing if my mother would soon relapse again and i no longer have my father to turn too. That is my entire situation in a nutshell. My mother is alot of trouble with the justice system, but she is sober at the moment. I don’t want to deal with these problems anymore, and since i have no other options, i would like to become emancipated. The landlord is more than willing to support me, and i also have lots o ffamily willing to support me, and i am wondering what i need to become emancipated. Can i start the process at age 15 and then become emancipated at 16. How long on average does the process take. Please help with my complicated situation!!! _thank you_

  21. Jacob:
    A lot hinges on whether your parents would consent to an emancipation or delegation of parental authority. If your parents consent, then you don’t need a judge declaring you emancipated, you can get a Delegation of Parental Authority (DOPA) form.

    If they would not consent, then your only option is taking it to court. I would recommend filing a CHIPS (Child in Need of Protective Services) petition. Then, a judge will use his discretion in finding a new home for you. If you are over 16, he will consider giving you an independent living situation. If you are under 16, it may be foster care, or an alternative home. If your alternative “parents” are willing to go to court with you, there is a good chance they could be awarded parental authority. In a CHIPS case, the outcome will be at the judge’s discretion, not yours.

    A safer bet is to wait until you are 16, and then start the emancipation process. This typically costs around $3,000, and the outcomes are not guaranteed. Remember, this is largely an economic decision. If the court finds that you have been providing for yourself, they may find, implicitly, that you are emancipated, and relieve your parents of their parental economic responsibility towards you.

    For Emotional or physical abuse, emancipation is not the answer. In those cases, you must seek and Order for Protection or a CHIPS petition.

  22. Hi i am 15 years old and will be graduating next year. I would like to move out and live on my own wen i go to college. would getting emancipated be the best way?

  23. Hi, this has kind of been touched on, but wanted to ask about the DOPA. We have a 17yr old daughter that wants to move out, and we are willing to let her because of the problems being caused with her not wanting to follow our rules. She is working part time and not sure where she would move, but we would be willing to help her find a place that she can afford. How does the DOPA work and would it work in this situation?

  24. Hi, I am 17 years old and my parents and I have not been getting along at all for the past 6 months. It’s just constant fighting and I have heard my dad say that “he can’t live with me in the house” multiple times. I have a full time job and I do online high school. I feel like emancipation is my best option, because I can’t just sit here and hear all these things my parents say about me. It’s just not good for me mentally. I have a place I could live and I have also been looking at apartments and have found a few I could afford. I know this isn’t the whole story but it sums it up pretty well, so from what I have just told you, do you think emancipation is an option for me? I personally feel like it is, but you are a professional with this, so I would love to hear what you have to say. Are there a lot of steps to go through to become emancipated? Thanks!

  25. What must be done to be legally emansipated in the state of Minnesota at the age of 16 in a family that is divorced?

  26. my name’s cornovis iam currently 16, i’ve been trying to get the requirments to be emancipated but its been hard and my mother kicked me out cause of it and iam living with a friend. my mother wouldnt give give me my info so i had someone from out of state bring me a copy of my s.s card so i can get a job. this would really help out cause i have son or daughter coming dec or jan, but i need help with the whole process cause iam being held back cause my mother. also its just going to get harding cause school starts on the in less then a month for me and i’d like to get this done before that i got a place to stay and working on a job now.

  27. So basically I’m 15 but I will be turning 16 in January. I feel as I am able to live on my own and not with my parents. I have a job, a savings accout in my bank and saving money at the momment…I am wondering if you could help. I really feel that I can live on my own. I Really need the freedom. I don’t know how hard it is to be emansipated but I’m willing to try my hardest.

  28. Aaron..
    Im 16 & Im Trying To Get Emancipated. My Parent ( Mother )
    Said She’ll Sign The Papers To Giving Up Rights Over Me.
    I Need To Know In What Ways Do I Move Forward To Pursue This. At The Moment Im Looking For A Job To Save Money As Well As Get Money So i Will Be Able To Pay The Fees As Well As The Additional Fees When Dealing With Emancipation. At 15 I Was Brought To JDC For Being Accused Of Running Away. Instead The Case Was I Was Continously Kicked, And Locked Out Of My Home By My Mother & My Siblings. Ive Dealt With Abuse From My Mother In The Course Of My Age 15. i Never Had Any Criminal Crimes Against Me. Id Be Very Blessed If You Could Take The Time Out To Read My Story & Feel Like Hearing More.. I Really Wanna Venture On My Own Me & My Mother Believe Its Best As Well As That Im Capable Of Doing It.
    I Would Like To Learn Alot About Emancipation And How To Move Forward With It. If You Can Please Email Me Further Information & Advice.
    Email : [email protected]
    Thank You

  29. Okay. Im 15 going on 16. ill be 16 in january. I want to get emanctipated, obviously. Im in foster care with a family member but i have safety concerns but there is nothing being done about it. My grandparents (the recently foster parents) They dont even get guardianship until 6 months from September 28th, 2012. I am a very responsible young adult. When i lived with my real mother, i had a job and i paid bills and helped her do her taxs. I’ve taken classes for living on your own, ect. I just need help reaching my goal. Please help me. Id prefer to be contacted by email. Thanks You.
    -Katelyn Barrett

  30. Hello there, my name’s Amenda and lately I’ve been researching on emancipation. I live with my ‘father’, one who is equally abusive and quite destructive. I am only 16 years old and already he has been telling not only me but my younger siblings that he does not want us and so, I was wondering if emancipation could be an option for me. I am tired of fearing when they day will come when he abuses me again and I’d like to support myself. True I do no yet have a job but I am looking for one. I plan on moving out when I turn 17 so I just want a few pointers on my situation on whether or not it’s a good idea to take this route. Thank you, further questions please email me!

  31. hi Im 17 years old and a mpther to two baby boys. I live with my mother but want to get my own place should i be able to get emancipated?

  32. hi im a 17 year old male im trying to help my girl friend who is 15 turning 16 in june she has had a job before and basiclly supportted her self living with her mom she had just moved to her dads in minnisota and she feels mentaly abused becuase she told me her mom told her that she was raped and beat by her dad but took no legal action about she has been living in fear the past couple of weeks and i have talked to her dad about this but he wont let her leave i have told him she is not happy there she is scared and depressed she calls me crying saying she needs a way out even if it means killing herself but none of us want that i really want to help her but cant get her back home without taking legal action

  33. hi im a 17 year old male im trying to help my girl friend who is 15 turning 16 in june she has had a job before and basiclly supportted her self living with her mom she had just moved to her dads in minnisota and she feels mentaly abused becuase she told me her mom told her that she was raped and beat by her dad but took no legal action about she has been living in fear the past couple of weeks and i have talked to her dad about this but he wont let her leave i have told him she is not happy there she is scared and depressed she calls me crying saying she needs a way out even if it means killing herself but none of us want that i really want to help her but cant get her back home without taking legal action i really want to help her and this is the only opption

  34. hi im a 17 year old male im trying to help my girl friend who is 15 turning 16 in june she has had a job before and basiclly supportted her self living with her mom she had just moved to her dads in minnisota and she feels mentaly abused becuase she told me her mom told her that she was raped and beat by her dad but took no legal action about she has been living in fear the past couple of weeks and i have talked to her dad about this but he wont let her leave i have told him she is not happy there she is scared and depressed she calls me crying saying she needs a way out even if it means killing herself but none of us want that i really want to help her but cant get her back home without taking legal action thanks for reading and plz contact me

  35. I am a 16 year old male and i wish to be in a place of my own how do i go about doing an Emancipation Laws ? Email me at gmail.com

  36. So if my parents write a letter saying that they allow me to be emancipated, what do I do next? Is there any way that they would have to give me money? To be emancipated, would I have to be able to financially take care of myself such as insurance?

  37. I am 16 and I am looking for a way out. I would really appreciate some more info on “CHIPS” “DOPA” and “OFP”. I don’t exactly want emancipate myself and live entirely on my own, but I do want to get away from my mother.
    -Than you!

  38. Hello I’m Alexis and I have had a fulltime job ever since i turned 14. I buy my school supplies, clothes, toiletries, groceries, pay for my car insurance, phone bill, and have a 3.9 GPA in school. I am 5 months away from 18. is it possible for me to be emancipated without my mother’s consent?

  39. I’ve hated my parents for the longest time. One of them has OCD and I can’t handle living with them anymore. Im thinking of committing suicide or running away. I want to live on my own. I’m 17 and want to know what I should and can and cant do about this.

  40. I am 17 years old and have a child 6 month old child. The mother of the child is moving to colorado with her family and taking the child with her. I want to avoid all of the custody battles and stuff of that sort to make her stay here with my child. as a matter of fact i want to move with her and the child. Her mother has agreed to let me come and so has my mother but my father says no. I do not live with my father anymore but he says the only way i am going is by running away or getting emancipated. What would i have to do to get emancipated? and how much would such a thing cost? Many have told me since im 17 and have a child that im concidered an adult and i can just go whether he likes it or not. Is that true? Im seeking answers. Please help.Its a matter of losing my kid…..

  41. I’m 16, and I currently life with both parents, and I want to know what are the steps basically. I sort of know how to do it, but something’s are confusing me. I can’t stand living with both parents. They fight to much, and my dad mentality abuses me, they don’t support my choices, nor do they help me financially very much.

  42. Hello, I am 16 years old. My parents are divorced. I reside with my mother. My father and I no longer communicate.. we have never had the best relationship. I don’t have much of a relationship with either of my parents. Although, I have been verbally and physically abused on numerous occasions, by both parents. I am getting good grades in school, and I am planning on getting a job this coming summer. I am known to be respectful, smart, and simply just a “good hearted kid” by many of my peers at school, in the community, etc. I struggle with depression, I have for years. I feel miserable coming home to face my mother. Yes, she puts food on the table, has a job, pays the bills, and puts a roof over my head. I’ve realized that there is still something missing. That “something” is love and attention. I am not being listened to, we often argue, sometimes things even get physical. Throughout my life I have been from counselor to counselor. I have a social worker who sides with my mother and her personal opinion. Nothing has improved. I continue to struggle. My mother is very “two-faced” and tends to pull the “poor me” act. But, behind closed doors things are MUCH different. I DO have others who support me, and have faith in me with this situation. I am exhausted, sick of the counselors, sick of the social workers. Enough is enough. Would it even be worth while to pursue emancipation? Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

  43. Hi i’m almost 16 i’m pregnant and expecting in September. I want to be on my own with my boyfriend but my mom won’t allow that. She isn’t really the supportive one and acts like I have to be a single mom. Is it even possible for me to get emancipated?

  44. I was wondering if someone could get a restraining order on someone who didn’t do anything. My mom wants one on my boyfriend because she thinks he’s abusive. He isn’t. He treats me with respect. what should I do..? I want to run away but I don’t want to be called in as one. and I was hoping that this would be a good resort for me. my boyfriends dad would let me love there with him. I have friends that will take me in. I just want and need to know if it’s a good resort to get emancipated.

  45. I am 16 years old and I am really wanting to go through court to get away from my family, I want as little paper work for me and I just want to get somewhere where I would feel more happier and I wouldn’t be scared of what I say will piss off my dad. I have hated them for as long as I know, not just cause they kept the fact I was adopted from me till I was about 6 and that they keep lying to me about it but also because they are never supportive for what I want to do and I have no freedom and I have to pay for anything I want and they favor my brother and I just want to get away, they neglect me to.

  46. I’m 17 and I reside in a foster home. My social worker had lied to me about ever being emancipated. She had said it was completely illegal in Minnesota. I have about 6 months till I’m 18 but I want out now. I know that I can support myself do what I need to survive. I’m more upset with my social worker for lying to me. What should I do and would it be smart to try for emancipation now?

  47. Hello, my name is Makayla and I’m 16 years old. I want to get emancipated because I can’t stand living with my mom anymore. My parents got divorced years ago because of my moms poor actions of bringing guys home in the middle of the night and cheating on my dad. I was physically pulled, hit, kicked, and pushed while she brought these guys home. I’d constantly get yelled at by her for “being in everyone’s business”, “not being asleep when these men were over”, and for “being unattentive”. At only age 12 I was forced to babysit and be put in charge of my younger brother and sister while she went our drinking at odd times in the night. She’d come home at maybe 4am most nights. Now that I’m 16, I have my licenses, I’m on the B honor roll, I pay for majority of my things, I have applied for many jobs, I know how to take care of myself for I have been doing it for years. My mom and dad recently remarried to my now step mom and step dad. I only see my dad every other week, if that. He’ll only talk to me than, and never any other time. My step mom constantly is calling me names, putting me down and accusing me of things I never did. I get accused for “fucking around” for I had sex with my boyfriend of 5 months. I might be pregnant and my mom and dad both said I cannot live with them if I am. But they will not sign me over for emancipation. What can I do? Is there any other way? Please help, I need answers and advice fast. Thank you. xx.

  48. Hello, My name is stephanie and i live with my aunt and uncle in north carolina im trying to find a way back to minnesota without being considered as a runaway. My mom still has full legal rights of me but has allowed me to live with my aunt and uncle til she “gets her life together”. My aunt is a controling women who only thinks of herself. My mom is unfit and is unstable to take care of me. My god mother has happley said she would love to take me in til im 18. When i live with her i would have a job a stable place to live and a good education. How do i go about getting emancipated in less than two weeks ?

  49. Hello, i am currently 16 years old. I live with my dad for the summer but my mom has full custody of my sister and I. My living conditions for me are unhealthy…my dad is an alcoholic (nonabusive) my mom and I don’t get along she always calls me names and sometimes pushes me around (not real abusive) I was wondering what I’d have to do to live on my own I currently make $250 a week and my boyfriend is 19 and lives on his own and said he would take me…I was wondering what I can legally do to move out of my parents and live with my boyfriend…legally.

  50. I’m 17 yrs old in a foster home and before I was sent here I was living with my boyfriend because my mom gave up on me because she was on drugs and I was doing really good living with him and his parents I felt like I belong there I felt loved and cared for I felt home but then everything went down hill and I know I can’t get emancipated in MN so what else can I do I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP

  51. I’m sixteen years old and I badly need to be emancipated because I am abused at home and I don’t want to go into foster care because I was in foster care as a baby and I hear about abusive foster homes and I don’t want to get hurt like that anymore. I can’t afford a lawyer or an attorney because I don’t have a job and I receive no allowance

  52. Sorry, it cut me off. As I was saying, I don’t receive an allowance, and my parents wouldn’t pay to get me emancipated. I also have no way of getting to the courthouse to get the OFP form I need. By the way, I live in Minnesota.

  53. I’m 15 and I want to be emancipated when I’m 16. I don’t know if I can be emancipated at 16 in Minnesota but the reason I want to be emancipated is because I don’t want to live with my parents anymore I’m not sure if they will be okay with it or if they can afford it I need more information about it , please help

  54. Hi, my name is Chelsea and I need to get out of my house. My mom and stepdad have abused me verbally for a really really long time, and now it’s turning physical. I’m scared of living with them and my dad doesn’t want me to live at his house because his job requires him to be out of town too often. However, I have friends who’s parents are willing to let me live with them until I turn 18. Can this be done legally? My parents don’t want me to leave. Please help

  55. Hi I’m going to be seventeen in about a month and my mother has never taken proper care of me.
    My parents have been split up my whole life and I live with her. I used to live with my father but that was not an option because of physical abuse. It becoming harder and harder to live with my mother as well because of verbal abuse and neglect. She doesn’t pay her bills an we.were without power for a while and last summer she relapsed and I’m in constant fear that she will again. I have a friend that said that I Cam stay with them and their parents are ok with it. My mother is not. She said she would call the police. Can I move out?

  56. My mother calls me a slut, whore, heartbreaker, heartless, the B word, and so on with the verbal abuse and my father jut tells me to ignore it. It’s hard to ignore it when your mother is your biggest bully. I don’t drink, do drugs or party. I’m in college and I’m 16. Plus I’m a straight A student. She drives by places to make sure I’m there. She also has her friends call her if they see me anywhere. I can’t get away.

  57. My name is Rain and I’m 17. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail, but I’m having problems at home and I want (need, rather) to be emancipated. I understand it will be difficult, but I just have some questions. I’ll contact someone shortly after I talk to the school counselor and police officer unless someone else contacts me first. Thanks.

  58. hi, I am 16 years old. things at home are getting difficult for me. my dad and stepmom can no longer afford my clothes and other necessities. except they can buy food of course. I do have a job but I do not have much hours. I have been trying to save my money to afford clothing but it seems that I do not have much after I pay for my phone bill. sometimes I have to pay for my lunch at school. and there has been times that I had to skip lunch. I know this seems ridiculous but need to get out of this situation. I am struggling in school because of other situations. I no longer have a safe haven to concentrate. my parents don’t pay much attention to me except when im in trouble. if I were t be emancipated, could I live in another state? or do I have to stay in Minnesota till after I turn 18? please don’t ignore this situation. I need help. and so does my boyfriend. his situation is worse than mine. please contact me soon. thank you.

  59. I am writing for a friend of my daughters. Her mother wants to emancipate her because she wants to move with her new husband. What is my daughter’s friend legal right to refuse? what is the financial obligation of the mother if she comes and lives with me? Can my daughter’s friend get a GAL?

  60. Hi, I’m 16 years old.. my parents have been divorced for as long as I can remember and I lived with my mother until I was 14, when she kicked me out of the house. Her husband was always physicaly abusive towards my brothers and emotionally abusive towards me. I moved in with my father when she kicked me out, but she shares joint custody with him. My brother father and I live in housing, and my dad can’t afford food, but he still constantly asks me for money. He doesn’t work, he sleeps all the time, he smokes pot, and he calls me names like a slut and bitch. I’m the only one that cleans the house, my brother doesn’t work either and he’s 18. I have a part time job but I can’t afford the court fees for emancipation, if I can get emancipated. Please get back to me!

  61. I am 15 years old, and am mentally abused. I get called names, get in trouble for doing things that I don’t actually do, my mom gets child support that she spends on herself. We never have food at the house, I don’t have any clothes that I get from her, I get it from my grandparents who live close by.
    My mother is mentally ill, with depression, bipolar disorder and probably other things too, but not that I’m aware of.
    I have been depressed for about 8 years and suicidal for 7. Mainly because I just can’t deal with my moms crap anymore. I get made to feel like I’m not even worth the time to be around, because her phone, the computer and the TV are more important.
    I’ve never really been aloud to hang out with friends–the few that I have. I don’t have many because people hate my mom and don’t like how she acts to them or me, so they think that I’m like that too.

    I have just recently gotten a job, but have not started working yet, but I certainly do not have $3,000 for emancipation stuff, I just need to get out of there as soon as possible.

  62. How can I get out of my house in Minnesota and give custody to someone in Washington? I’m sixteen my mom is physically and emotionally abusive she puts me in situations that she knows could harm me my whole family looks down upon me because I am from a different nationality and because I am the only one whose father skipped out on her

  63. Hello, What can I do to emancipate my 17 yr old niece I am her guardian but she has not lived with me in 3 years…Can I just give her a notarized letter stating she is emancipated as far as I am concerned?

  64. Hello, I am 17 years old and my parents got divorced about a year ago. I currently live at my dads house 95% of the time and he is emotionally and mentally abusive towards me on a regular basis. My mom is a struggling alcoholic and due to the issued divorce decree, I am only allowed to see her every other weekend, 12-5 and it has to be supervised. I am looking to start the emancipation process. I currently have two part time jobs and make my own money for everything I own, besides the home I live in. I also support my brother with the things he needs. My dad has threatened to kick me out of the house numerous times, knowing that I have nowhere else to go besides his own home. I am currently going to counseling and we have discussed myself getting emancipated but we didnt really know where to start. I am hoping that someone will be able to help me out with this! Thank you!

  65. Okay I am 14 and my parent doesn’t like they way I am, and she is verbally abusive. So my question is at what age can I legally move to another residence(in Minnesota)? can I choose to live with someone other than my parents? Can I make them my legal guardian? Neither of my parents are willing to allow me to move, but I am mostly miserable everyday when I am home.

  66. Hello, I am 16 years old and am currently living in a group home because my mom can’t take care of me. My mother and my step-dad are mentally and verbally abusive and in the past have been physically. Two years ago, my mom had moved my little brother and I out to Montana because she had gotten married without telling us. The man she married beat me and my little brother, along with his own kids. I had reported it and my little brother and I had our bio-dad come pick us up and bring us back to Minnesota. I lived with him for a year, then moved in with my aunt for a few months. After that, I moved in with another aunt and helped take care of her kids while she was at work. I was in school and getting good grades. Then on the night of my 16th birthday, my aunt came to the park drunk and I ended up calling the police. After that, I had moved in with my boyfriend a few miles away for a month. My mom found out and had told me that if I didn’t move in with her I would get reported in as a run away. Over the time up until then she didn’t call or try to contact me and my mother what so ever. I ended up moving in with her out in Montana for two months. Early January we came back to MN to visit the family and I had ended up running away for a few days. When they found me they admitted me to an inpatient psych hospital for two weeks. They then put me in a group home on January 27th and I’ve been there since. I’ve been planning on trying to get emancipated for some time and would greatly appreciate some advice and/or some tips on how to get emancipated. Please get back to me as soon as you can!

  67. Hi I’m currently 15 years old but I will be 16 on the 27th of April.. My mom had kicked me out but before she did she slapped me and threatened to punch me in the face. When I left she went to my work and made a big scene about me not allowed to work. I still went to work that same day. I still worked and she showed up again but really angry and it scared me because when she is mad she is very very emotionally and physical abusive and. I went into a panick attack She had my cousin come qnd get me to go to the police station and when we were in the same car and she kept calling me a slut and i didnt know she had a journal that i wrote and it was all the stuff i had done but truly rehretted andit was for my own privacy anyway long story short I refuse to go home because she will hit me when we are alone and nobody to help me my older sister has offered to take me in and I have family in Texas to take me but she keeps refuses to let me go. The situation is very bad and I feel I can be well on my own and I just need help if you could help me or email me to let me know I would be grateful it seems family services won’t help me nor my school and I dont know where to turn to so please help me

  68. Im wondering i can be/emancipated cause my parents blame me for my brother getting locked up and doing bad stuff theres always fights and i dont feel like they want me here any more they tell ne sometimes to leave they hate me…. do i have the right to leave and live somewhere else im 16 years old??????????

  69. Hello, I am 15 years old and was hoping if it were possible for me to be emancipated. My parents are mentally, verbally, and occasionally physically abusive. They call me a piece of shit and threaten to punch my face in quite a bit. Today I was having a very bad panic attack and so my mother decided that slapping me in the leg multiple times would be a good way to solve it. My anxiety only worsened from there on out. A friend of mine’s parents have offered to let me live with them very many times and I would be very much okay with doing so. I’ve only been kicked out once and it was because my dad did not like my earrings. I then got in trouble for actually leaving after being told to leave. Help would be very much appreciated, especially if you could tell me how to afford an attorney and such, because I don’t have much of an income in my current situation. Thank you for taking the time to read this

  70. My girlfriend is 16 years old her mother abuses her verbally mentally emotionally and physically her life is a living hell I need to get her out her mother has tried to strangle her in the past I’m afraid of her trying again she has tapes of her mothers out bursts we both want her emancipated so she can live with me in my own place which is being worked on at the moment but I want to know what’s the best way to go about this so that she would end up with me her counselor said the best bet was if she was pregnant would she go to me but I want to know what other options I want to see what else we could do before we do anything

  71. Hi I am 16 years old I’ll be 17 in August. I was wondering if there’s any chance I could live on my own or with a friend. My mom and step dad are verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive to me. My mom and real dad are divorsed. I live with my mom full time and can come see my dad whenever but my real dad is an alcoholic bad and went to treatment but that didn’t work . He always gets laid off of a job. My mom yells at me about child support when I have nothing to do with it. I get yelled at for nothing. My mom never believes me at anything. They made me move my senior year. They said they felt sorry for making me move and they tell me I can go back up to where I used to live whenever I want then when we finally moved they don’t want me going up there they said they don’t feel sorry for me anymore, they used to call me autistic when I’m not they make me feel like sc crap everyday. They swear at me for no reason they tell me to pull the stick out of my ads and call me names and they threatened to slap me and they told me to go live somewhere else but when I actually start packing a bag they won’t let me leave. I just feel like I’m not welcome here anymore and I wanna go back to my old town I don’t wanna move for my senior year and they don’t care they always freak out at me and threaten me. If there’s any way you can leave and live with a friend that would be really helpful I’m not happy here and they don’t care if I’m upset they will still yell at me. Email me if you can help me I could really use your help please. Thank you

  72. Hello, I am a 17 year old and I’m.five months from being 18. My mom threatened to have me emancipated and there are no clear laws in Minnesota regarding the process. My birth parents are divorced and I live with my birth mother and step dad. I was curious about the process and what all I need to know if I decide that living with my boyfriend is the choice I want to make. If you could email me it would be much appreciated

  73. Hello, i am 17, going to be 18 in 6 months. I was wondering if there was any way i could live with my friend for the remainder of my high school career. My mother was emotionally and physically abusive, shes been married to my step father for as long as i remember but he is also emotionally and physically abusive towards me, and on top of that he is an alcoholic. My father doesnt have a stable home and has told me that in a couple of weeks we could be living in his vehicle, he doesnt have enough money to feed himself, let alone me. My father has threatened to abuse me in a public place and has hit me before. I dont necissarily want to become emancipated, but i dont want to be sent to a foster home, i have a home lined up for me if there is anyway this could work, i would be paying rent, and i have a steady job, a good vehicle, but my grades do need work. If there is any way that this is possible please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you

  74. Hi, I am 17 years old. I will be turning 18 on September 8th, so it’s a little over two months from now. I was wondering how hard it would be to get emancipated in Minnesota. I live with my birth mother, and my step father. I have a full time job, and pretty much support myself now. I buy my food that I use to bring to work, and I buy my own clothes and things that I would need on a daily basis. I had lived on my own once before but it wasn’t very long. Only for about two weeks until my mother made me move back home. I don’t like living with mother mother because she abuses me emotionally, and sometimes physically. She doesn’t support anything that I do, and she always has something bad to say about ny decisions. We argue every single day. It gets so bad where I break down and cry, and that’s still not enough. I feel like I am depressed every day of my life because I live with her. I feel like my life would be better off without her. I need help!

  75. Hello. My brothers girlfriends guardian (grandpa) brought her to Minnesota with my brothers baby in her! She is going to be 17 in August and will have her baby about 6 months before she turns 18! Does having that baby emancipate automatically? The doctor she sees told her that that’s what would happen but I really need to clarify

  76. Hi. I’m 15 years old and I’m pregnant. I want to move out and live with my boyfriend and his mom when I turn 16 which is in February. But I don’t have a job. But my boyfriend makes 25 dollars an hour and can support both me and the baby. I don’t know if I would be able to do that. My parents wouldn’t be okay with it but I need to be able to spend everyday with my boyfriend so he can help with the baby. I want to be able to leave home and get emancipated so I can take care of my child with the help of my baby’s dad. Please help! Thank you for taking the time and reading my comment. Please email me!

  77. Hi I’m 15 and my mom is mentally and emotionnaly abusive to all 3 of us especially me and my brother. I would like to either live with my dad or by myself in a cheap apartment. I have a stable job with promotions and raises coming soon plz text me with info on how I can leave. She has kicked me out before and I once got In trouble for leaving when she told Me to. When my dad tries to help he gets in trouble. She has only been physiccaly abusive a few times and once I kicked back. I feel bad but then again don’t. She blames me for nothing and is the BIGGEST hypocrite i know please txt me at 320-219-3570 with info

  78. Hello, I’m not like everyone else down below… but it has to do with me trying to live on my own. I’m 16, I work 30 hours a week and can up to 40. I go to an online school that I pay for also. My situation with my mother is that we get along very well, I have little to no restrictions so she is totally cool with me going out early. I have tons of questions and if anyone wants to send me an email and we can have a q/a session that would be great.

  79. My son is 18 and his pregnant girlfriend is 16. The baby is due in March of next year when the mother will be 2 months from being 17 years old. The 16 yr olds mother has stated she does not want the baby in her home as she does not want to raise another child. My husband and I have offered to allow the girl to live with us as well as continue to live with us once the baby is born. Her mother is refusing stating because she does not want to lose her child support. What can we do legally to ensure the protection of the baby as well as our sons rights to this child? He does not want to take the baby from its mother but at the same time wants to make sure the baby and mother are in a safe place. Are there any resources for the father? Can the pregnant teen legally move out before ag 18? Please help, thank you!

  80. I am cuerently 16 years old and live with my grandparents. my mom is mentally unstable and my dad was just reacently locked up for five years for having a gun as a felony. I got into some trouble for haveing weed and my grandparents are kicking me out and i am running out of options. i have job i am very self relient and would move out to my dads if i got emancipated while he is on lock up. if you think this is a ligtamnt reason to get emanciapted please email me i need to figure this all out asap
    email: [email protected]
    thanks for your help

  81. Hello my name is Brianna.
    I’m 15 & want to get emancipated soon or when I’m 16. I have 2 jobs and a lot of questions. Please email me or text me please. 218-790-2651

  82. my name it tyler
    im 14 and iv been living on my own for a long time then rice county came in and put me in a foster home and I know legal age is 16 but I want to still try
    please someone help me out

  83. I live with my mom and do not want to live there anymore, how do i live with my dad because my mom said she will call the cops if i leave to his place. Im 17 years old

  84. Alright I’m 13 turning 14 next week and I have been kicked out of the house a few times by my mom’s boyfriend and once by her, in the cold w/ no jacket, they are verbally abusive and emotionally abusive telling me I’m stupid or retarded and other names. I wish to move out and live with my grandma but my mom doesn’t approve and she is currently in jail after attacking her boyfriend after drinking a bottle of wine and a bottle of liquor in 2 hours and trying to kill herself telling me she hates me a lot and that I’m a “piece of shit” and the reason her life’s horrible. And I just recently since my mom was gone her boyfriend was unplugging my Internet and turned off my phone for Internet along with the power. He called the cops on me after I threatened him. I’m now at my grandma’s, how can my grandma become my legal guardian so I can leave my mom and her boyfriend? I live in Minnesota. Text me @
    (763) 587-8140

  85. I am 16 and my mom is moving to maryland, she said she is fine with me being emancipated so i wouldnt have to worry about her fighting the case, i also heard she can sign something for me to be emancipated since she has custody of me. I have called up my county’s courthouse and can’t figure out how to get emancipated

  86. Hi My name is Julianna, I am 16, turning 17 in march. I have been through a lot, 3 years ago my real mother killed my father, so she is in prison and he is dead, I lived with my grandmother for a year and a half but she died from cancer, & then I went to live with my friends family but got pulled from them because my mom’s sister wanted me, but only for the money. I had to take care of her kids, and fund for my self, while she was getting $700 a month for me, & I still had to work for my own toiletries and stuff like that. I got out of that situation and my other aunt took me in, & it went very well for a year now, but now its going horrible, her boyfriend is a drug addict and we just always get into fights, yes they have supported me for a while, but also they have been starting me pay for my own stuff now, I have 3 jobs, and I’m a B student, I have one more year left. I would really just like to live on my own with less stress, & not have to deal with people using me for my money anymore. Thanks email me.

  87. Hi I’m 15 turning 16 in March and I live with my dad and he’s not finically ready for us but he is at the same time. My mom had custody but became hard on drugs. I went to school in the town I lived in before I live where I do and I was passing my classes and now being here I’m failing I get in arguments with my dad. I have told him I get made fun of and he won’t even but me in a alternative learning center. I want to be emancipated so I can move back with my 18 year old boyfriend and get my CNA so I can work at a nursing home and still go to school at my old school. (The school I was doing good at) if any one can help please contact me asap! 320-298-2684

  88. Hello, I will be turning 17 in one month. I’ve been living with a family that I am not related to because my dad kicked me out last October. I’m still in contact with my real family. I want to move into an apartment with my boyfriend, but my parents say they will require that I become emancipated before then because they don’t want to hold any responsibility if something were to happen to me. I’m hard working, already paying bills etc. I’m getting a second job as soon as possible. My parents and I agree that we get along better when I am not living with them although they don’t approve of me moving in with my boyfriend for religious reasons and say that I will have to legally hold all responsibility of myself before they allow me to make a decision like that, hence why I’m determined to become emancipated. I just need to know the legal steps I now will need to take to get there.

  89. Hello, I am 17 gears old and would like to know the steps on how to get I’m and iPad I know it says a little bit about it on the site but I don’t quite understand them. I am currently living in a negative environment with my sister and mother and I’ve insisted that I leave and go live with my father but I have no way of contacting him without a phone or his number. Where I live there are frequent physical fights between my mother and I. And she’s verbal abusive towards me. I just don’t feel safe where I currently live. Please contact me if you could help me in any way.

  90. Hi,

    My sister and brother-in-law passed away 10 years ago, leaving my 10 year old niece and 6 year old nephew in the guardianship of their trusted pastor and his family (I live across the country and my sister didn’t want the kids to have to move away from their home or their friends.) There is a trust in place for the kids, as well as a house that was left in trust to them in which their guardians have raised the kids with their own family for the past 10 years. My niece is now attending college and lives on campus. The pastor and his wife are moving to a new church and town and want my nephew to go with them. My nephew is refusing because he doesn’t want to start a new school his senior year or move away from the town where he grew up. Two different church families, including a very close friend of my late sister, have offered to have my nephew stay with them for his senior year but the pastor is refusing. My nephew is devastated. Does he have any legal recourse? Can his sister be named his guardian until he is 18? There is death benefits being paid to both my niece and nephew that their guardians use for their upkeep. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

  91. I have just turned sixteen. I do not want to live on my own. My mother is trying to make me move back in with her, she’s crazy. She’s a drunk. I have been living happily with my Grandparents for the past 3 plus years. I am in 10th grade and I do not want to move in with her or switch schools. Is there anyway I can get out of moving in with her?

  92. Hi, I’m jordan, 15 years old, I will be 16 in March. I do not get along with my mom at all as she is an emotional wreck. She constantly tells me I am awful and not nice to anyone for no reason when she is the problem. She does not work, my step dad pays for the house and every thing else. But he drinks every day. Is there anyway I could be emancipated? I can get a Job in town as I know farmers I could work for. I live in Minnesota.

  93. I turned 16 in February. I live with my mom, she just got custody of my a year ago from my dad because he beat me. My mom has No job, her husband just left her and I do not get along with her at all. She wants to move and I think I need to be on my own. I constantly switch schools and it’s ruining my education. I’m starting to get bad grades and I would like advice and help on what I should do.

  94. Hi, I’m antjuanique and I turn 16 on May 15. I currently live with my mom but she physically hits me and everything. She embarrasses me in front of my front of my friends. She is an emotional reck and she is an alcoholic. But I have no physical proof of this. I have many witnesses that saw this happened. I really don’t wanna live here any more but I have no choice until I’m an adult. I’ve ran away a few times but that’s about it.

  95. Hi my name is Anastacia 2 years ago I was taken out of my mother’s custody and put Into a foster home for A year with my 4 siblings who are all younger than me. We got placed back with my mom for almost a year and she messed up again. She is going to be in prison for 2 years and a day. I am Turnino 17 on June 7th and I will be in foster home till I’m 18. Can I be emancipated earlier? I need help on what to do.

  96. Hi I’m lizz, I’m really truing to figure this all out I’m 15 and my mom and her boyfriend treat me like crap my mom has hit me and left bruises and her boyfriend makes fin of my mental health issues and tells me I make it up. The court says my father’s not allowed to see me and I’m trying to figure out how this whole emancipation thing works or how I can move in with my father

  97. my name is nathan, im 15 years old, 16 tomorrow, i’ve been living in a toxic environment for years now, with a poor pathetic excuse of a mother, she sleeps around all the time and forced me to stay in a household where i was beat, she’s currently going through a divorce, all the pent up stress i’ve had from being here is making an impact, my grades are dropping, ive been depressed, ive felt suicidal, and i’ve felt like she believes i’ll never amount to anything, as a matter of fact today she told me i wont amount. she treats me like im not even a human like she did to my brother before me, she did the same thing and now he’s a drug addict barely keeping a job an alcoholic and homeless. i dont want to end up like him but i cant do that if i stay in this cancerous household. thank you so much for your time.

    sincerely~ Nathan Ross

  98. Im 15 years I live with my dad, stepmom and im tired of dad hitting me he has busted my mouth, hit me with a metal bat im just really tired of it i just wanna focus on myself i cant deal with this in my life I rather be on my own I go to school get a job ill do whatever it takes to move out my dads house im really feel hurt in the inside this has happened multiple times so can you please help me

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