As free educational resources for the public, attorney Aaron Hall offers a variety of contract templates. Sound contracts and agreements are vital to business owners.

These contracts are geared toward providing favorable terms for a business owner. That is, the contracts were drafted with a bias towards protecting the business owner, not the other party.


Of course, every transaction is different, and you should have your business attorney tailor these templates to your specific goals, concerns, and needs.

Color Coding

Some documents have color coding.

  • Simply choose between the terms, which appear in red, that best suit your needs to complete the contract.
  • Terms that appear in blue may or may not apply to your particular transaction. These terms may be excluded completely or made a part of the contract at your discretion.
  • Terms that appear in green are suggestions and informed instructions. Green terms will sometimes guide you between choices, often whole articles where the title is marked in red, designated with an “-Or-”. These green terms should be deleted once the contract is complete.

Note that underlined blanked spaces should be filled in accordingly. These contracts may also be altered in any way beyond the colored terms.

Free Contract & Agreement Templates

You are welcome to contact us to have your documents customized for your circumstances.