Minnesota Debt Collections & Minnesota Judgment Collections

After you win, the court’s judgment is valid for 10 years unless you renew it. Unfortunately, even though you won your case, you probably won’t immediately get your money from the defendant. In fact, you may never get it. A court order may say that the defendant owes you money, but the defendant probably won’t just offer to pay you.

If you don’t get paid, you might consider hiring a Minnesota collections attorney. A collections attorney can assist you with learning what money and property the defendant owns, garnishing the defendant’s wages, attaching to the defendant’s money in their bank account (if you know where they bank), or selling the defendant’s property at a sheriff’s sale.

Bankruptcy Stops Minnesota Debt Collections

If the defendant files for bankruptcy, your judgment will be given to the bankruptcy court, and if any money is available, you will get an equal share with all the other people to whom the defendant owed money (creditors). Normally, the defendant’s bankruptcy means you get nothing. The risk of the defendant filing for bankruptcy is one reason you may not want to wait to collect the money owed to you.