As a franchise attorney, I have seen the work of a number of franchise attorneys. If I were to have a conflict of interest and had to refer a franchisor or franchisee to another franchise attorney, a few local franchise attorneys stand out in my mind.

These franchise attorneys understand franchise law well and would provide exceptional representation for those facing franchise legal issues:

If you are considering hiring a franchise attorney, consider asking the attorney about the amount of experience in franchise law, familiarity with franchise agreements, and understanding of the franchise statute in Minnesota.

Also, ask the attorney about hourly rates. A high hourly rate typically means the attorney is experienced and has been around long enough to remain busy despite expensive fees. However, you can often find an attorney with more franchise experience (who is younger and less experienced in other areas of law) for a lower hourly rate. In other words, the most expensive attorney isn’t necessarily the most skilled and knowledgeable.

Also, most franchise law issues are not that complex. In my opinion, you don’t need to hire an $800 per hour franchise attorney unless you have a really complex issue.

Learn more about the Minnesota Franchise Act and general Minnesota franchise law.